April 2006 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday April 20, 2006 Woolridge Elementary 1412 Norseman Terrace

Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Linda Moore. Announcements:

Linda stated that we have $9451.88 in the NACA bank account. Brian LaCour stated that we had major expenditures and an influx from BFI host fee funds which now total $5,788.78. The BFI host fee funds are only for beautification projects.

Linda discussed the fire occurred on Redfield Drive. The house was destroyed and their baby was critically injured. She distributed information on making a donation to the family. Linda asked for clothes for a three year old girl and five year old girl.

Peter DeCamp with DFI Roofing stated that they can provide a free roof inspection. If you were declined a claim, DFI is a local company which has a good track record for getting a claim approved.

Officer Juan Zachias is the local Ida sector APD representative. He stated that they are focusing patrols on Sam Rayburn, Brownie Drive, Northgate and Colony Creek. They are looking into establishing a walking patrol on North Lamar. He also stated that three predominant gangs are operating in the area; Crips, Bloods and MP13.

Program: Code Enforcement by Steve Ramirez

Steve is the Assistant District Manager for the North Austin District. He is responsible for several investigators.

Steve gave a presentation on the following goals of the City of Austin: to become the most livable community in the country; ridding the community of public nuisances including dilapidated structures, yards with overgrown weeds, incompatible uses for residences (using a residence for a business); and vehicle storage violations (recreational vehicles must be stored behind a 6 foot fence).

When violations are called in, the case is assigned to an investigator. An on site investigation is performed within 48 hours. The inspector issues a written warning or sends a notice of violation to the residence. A re-inspection is then performed. The primary goal is to seek voluntary violation compliance.

If violations continue, the next process is criminal enforcement. Citations are issued, criminal charges are filed with Municipal Court and fines are assessed up to $2,000.00. Orders for

repair or demolition are processed for structure violations. Penalties for structure violations range from $250 to $1,000.

Major changes in Code Enforcement include the following: the consolidation of departments and programs (zoning, property abatement, substandard structures); establishment of new districts in Austin (four districts); increased visibility of vehicles and inspectors (vehicles are now marked and inspectors wear uniforms). Code Enforcement is also working with APD on special projects which include Operation Restore Hope and Operation Clean Sweep.

You can register a complaint by calling 311 and selecting option 2. Once a complaint is submitted, contact the investigator at 974-1925 or 974-6576 to follow up on the case. Time frame for reinvestigation depends on the violation. Seven days is typical.

Steve stated that they have not reached the optimum level of service. They are still short staffed. He has only one housing zoning inspector. Two Legal Consultants have been hired. One of the challenges is verifying who owns the property.

Steve Ramirez can be contacted at 974-2320.

Next Meeting: May 18th, discuss Ellen Butcher on how to improve curb appeal of your home and on inexpensive easy ways to improve your home. A brag table will set up for a display of examples on how people have improved your home.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm



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