September 2006 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday September 21, 2006 Woolridge Elementary 1412 Norseman Terrace

Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Linda Moore. Announcements:

Brian LaCour stated that we have $9,990.67 in the NACA bank account, of which $5,862.38 is BFI money targeted for NACA beautification projects.

Susie Milam put together a voter registration packet for the upcoming November bond election that can be distributed. Susie asked for help in distributing these packets. Contact her at 491-9159 to volunteer.

Kristin Harrison gave an update on the strategies to mobilize people to vote at the bond election. First, trying to identify and recruit more people to spread the word. Second, distributing flyers in schools. Third, NACA is working with a Political Action Committee to develop yard signs in favor of Proposition 3. Fourth, identifying people who can drive people to the polls to vote. Fifth, targeting November 4th for a community event to promote voting for the bond election. Call Kristin at 461-1495 to volunteer to help.

The dates for voting early for the bond election are October 23rd to November 3rd at HEB on North Lamar and Rundberg or at Northcross Mall near Veranda.

Martha Dempsey announced that Community Foundations offer free tax services. Martha has worked with them for two years. They are tying to spread the word for this free service.

Officer Dale Cooper stated that October 10th is the next Commanders Forum at the Grace of the Good Shephard Church located at 8724 Putnam Drive. The officers will be cooking for the people who attend.

Most APD resources are targeting Sam Rayburn to clean up the prostitution and drug dealing that has been occurring in that area.

APD is still trying to identify the areas that have yard parking ordinances in effect.

Newmont and Plains Trail has been hit hard with Code Enforcement violations. Code enforcement training will occur for the APD officers next week.

Four UT business students will be working with NACA to perform a survey on residents in the NACA area in reference to revitalization. By the end of the semester they will have recommendations on how to improve the area.

Program: North Burnet/Gateway Planning Area. Speaker: Molly Scarbrough.

Molly works for the City of Austin Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department.

The boundaries of this area include Highway 183 to the south, Metric Blvd to the east, Walnut Creek to the north and Braker Lane from MoPac west to Hwy 183.

There are no plans for single family residences inside this area.

Capital Metro has funding for a rail line which will run from Leander to Downtown and come through this area.

Impact from increased traffic and funding for police, fire and EMS is a concern. Another concern is the increased cost of living in this area.

The planning process is currently in the concept refinement and analysis stage.

The following are key concepts developed from the Public Workshop:

1. Improved east west access; expanding Rundberg to MoPac and a flyover to Gateway Plaza

2. Better access for cyclists and pedestrians

3. Better access to MoPac

4. Better mix of uses: places where you can live, work and shop

5. Provide more diversity of business types especially neighborhood services

6. Context and Environment; allow for better water control and recovery. Add tree lined pedestrian friendly streets; targeting Burnet and Braker Lane

7. Density: allow for higher residential buildings up to 30 stories if affordable housing is provided. Providing Benefit Bonus Calculations.

8. Infrastructure; putting utilities underground, circulating busses around area; distribute green and open space

9. Neighborhood associations will have an input in the planning process in the hearings with the Planning Commission.

The next meeting is November. Contact molly at 974-3515 or via email at [email protected]

Next Meeting; Scott Harris, an Arborist and will give a presentation on October 19th at Woolridge Elementary

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.



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