January 2007 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday January 18, 2007 Wooldridge Elementary 1412 Norseman Terrace

Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Linda Moore.

Announcements :

The minutes from the November 2006 meeting were distributed and approved.

Brian La Cour stated that we have $11,108.44 in the NACA Bank account, of which $6,785.87 are BFI/Allied Waste funds for beautification projects.

Brian discussed the actual expenditures of the 2006 budget. Membership was down slightly from 2005. Since Lakeway Printing is covering the cost of the newsletter, that item was taken out of the 2007 budget. The 2007 budget for the Quail Creek Festival has been reduced. The amount of donations for 2007 was also reduced. Brian discussed the host fee from BFI and the funds that are exclusively used for beautification projects in the NACA area.

A motion was made to approve the budget and seconded. All were in favor of approving the budget, none were apposed.

APD District Representative Lawrence Davis addressed issues from the last NACA meeting. The Sam Rayburn clean up was a success in which over 9 tons of trash was collected. They have also created the Neighborhood Safe Kids Program which emphasizes public and traffic safety. APD is pursuing donations for this. Also, 600 arrests in the IDA sector have been made by APD Street Response.

The prostitution operation on Jamestown was shut down. 355 parking in the yard citations were issued in 2006. They are also assisting the Texas Department of Health with citations issued to smoking ordinance violators.

Robberies of immigrants are up. Please contact APD if you notice a suspicious individual in your neighborhood.

Burglaries of residences and automobiles at apartment complexes are up. Burglary flyers will be distributed in the areas where a burglary has occurred. Neighborhood watches can be scheduled for the neighbors on your street. Home security surveys can be conducted by APD for no charge. Contact Kay Vargas at 974-5722 to schedule this.

Kristin Harrison thanked Linda Moore for her five years as NACA President.

The following 2007 Election of Officers was announced:

Anthony Williams, President Eleanor Langsdorf , Vice President Brian La Cour, Treasurer Matt Myers, Secretary

A unanimous vote was taken in favor of the candidates.

La Voz de North Austin is a weekly newsletter that will focus on crime prevention and crime stats for the 78758 zip code.

Keith Hunstman the NACA webmaster discussed his efforts on updating the NACA website. www.main.org/naca is the official web address.

Anthony Williams would like to increase the diversification the different cultures of people who participate in NACA meetings and events.

The Neighborhood Ranger Program will begin at Wooldrdige Elementary for third through fifth graders. Anyone who would like to help with this program should contact Linda Moore at 836-0160.

Program: 8223 Jamestown Condo Development Project; Speaker, Gary Bellamy

This current zoning at this location is CS, for Commerical. The zoning amendment proposes changing this to Mixed Use with an option for a neighborhood urban center. NACA can agree or agree with changes or reject. When a decision is made a letter must be issued to the City of Austin which will be included in the Zoning Committee staff recommendation which goes to the COA Planning Commission. The final recommendation will be made by the City Council.

The infill option for the neighborhood urban center includes building coverage of 70%, 80% impervious cover. There must be a certain amount of open space, 2500 square feet with a minimum direction of 20 feet.

There will be 50 total units including 40 residential and 10 commercial units. The price for the purchasing the condominiums will range from the $130,000 to $150,000.

Some work live buildings closest to Jamestown would be included in which the upper floor is residential and the bottom floor is commercial or retail Agriculture and automotive stores, bail bonds, construction sales, drop off recycling, convenience or liquor store and kennels will not be acceptable commercial businesses in this project

All retail frontage would be handicap accessible.

There are concerns about the amount of guest parking which will result in parking on the street. There are only 15 guest parking spaces in the plan. Drainage will occur in which water will flow away from Jamestown.

Construction could possibly begin in fall of 2007. A vote before the planning commission could take place in the later part of February.

Brian Almon made a motion to approve the project with some conditional overlay which will prohibit certain commercial uses. That motion was seconded. A majority vote was taken in favor of this motion. No votes opposed the motion.

Next Meeting: February 15th at 7:00pm at Wooldridge Elementary. Alfredo Santos with La Voz de North Austin will speak about crime prevention.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm



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