April 2007 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday April 19, 2007 Wooldridge Elementary 1412 Norseman Terrace

Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Anthony Williams. Announcements: Minutes from the February and March meetings were distributed and unanimously approved.

Anthony reviewed crime stats in our neighborhood. He mentioned that Crime Prevention Flyers are being distributed to inform residents when crimes occur on their street which will hopefully be a deterrent to criminals. Homes next to creeks seem targets since the criminals can hide out and use the creek as an escape route after committing a crime.

Please forward any anonymous tips about crime in our area to NACA via email, letter or by word of mouth.

In reference to code enforcement, a list has been developed of trouble properties that are in consistent code violation. This list will be posted on the NACA website and occasionally published in the NACA newsletter. Please contact Anthony Williams of any reported code violation including the case number and address of the location. This will assist in the follow up on progress on improving those properties.

City of Austin Right of Way is measured from the street to the first expansion joint in the driveway. Please report any signs that are illegally posted to NACA or Anthony and we will have them removed. Signs on any public utility pole are illegal.

The refurbishing of the Clock tower at Stonebridge and Rutland is being discussed. Terry LaBorde is the spokesperson for this effort. He has obtained one estimate of $8,000.00 to refurbish the mechanics and looks of the clock tower. Any recommendations on fundraiser events are recommended. Linda Moore made a motion to arrange a garage sale to raise funds in which a percentage will be used for the clock tower renovation. This motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Anthony discussed the effort by Lanier High School to move their animal farm to the campus of Lanier. The NACA board has some concerns about the safety of the animals. A location that was on the interior of the campus was recommended instead of one that is close to the street. Sheep, rabbits and chickens will be raised. We will ask Tracy Cortez to attend our next NACA meeting to address the concerns with the relocation of the agriculture farm.

The City of Austin has given NACA the option to vote on vertical mixed use on the west side of North Lamar from Hwy 183 to Kramer Lane. The business will be required to have covered drainage and sidewalks. Above the commercial building will be a residence. It will be limited to three stories. On June 4th a recommendation will be developed and submitted to the COA by the NACA Neighborhood Planning Committee.

Brian Almon also discussed the new plans for the property on Northgate for a Taco Stand which operate from 9am to 9pm and will not serve alcohol. The owner of the property, Syed Shamsie, will have to submit a plan to the City of Austin to rezone the location from Multi Family to Commercial.

Jason Meeker with RG4N, Responsible Growth for Northcross discussed the issues concerning the redevelopment of Northcross Mall to include a two story Walmart Supercenter and including a parking garage. An increase in traffic congestion is a concern. He asked for a boycott of Walmart. He stated that 85% of the people in the area do not want this Walmart.

Program: Durable Power of Attorney; Making Medical Plans for Your Family by Mr. John Pringle, Attorney.

There are four kinds of power attorney:

Common Law: has a definite ending point when you become disabled or incapacitated which means you no longer have the capacity to contract (ex. Children, mentally ill). Your agent can make any decision based on the power that you designate to give them.

General Power: you must have a person who is delegating the power. An attorney is an agent of the principal. An agent only has the authority given to him from the principle. You don’t want to delegate yourself as an agent.

Durable power: People who treat you (physician, lawyer etc) are excluded from being your agent. This option is acceptable if you know you are going to be temporarily incapacitated.

Durable power directed to physicians: This is recommended when you are diagnosed with an incurable disease.

A living will must be filed by the doctor’s office and signed off that you are actually brain dead. They are good forever; however, it is recommended that you have the will reviewed periodically. There is a form that is recommended for use by the Texas State Legislature. You can find the forms and can modify it to your case.

A will must be probated and you must file your suit in probate court stating that you are the independent executor of that will. You must have testimony. The self proving affidavit can be utilized to provide this testimony.

Mr. Pringle recommends getting a lawyer through referrals.

Next Meeting: May 17th at 7:00pm at Wooldridge Elementary. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm



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