August 2007 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday August 16, 2007 Cook Elementary

Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Anthony Williams. Announcements:

Anthony thanked everyone who participated in the APD Rundberg Lane event on August 3rd and the National Night Out events on August 7th. Caro DuBois and Eleanor Langsdorf were congratulated for their efforts to coordinate this event.

Please call 311 to report broken street lights, abandoned vehicles, poorly lit properties and overgrown lawns. The City of Austin has earmarked $357,000 to the purchase of the land for the Neighborhood Community Center.

A petition was distributed to protest the trash that drains in the drainage ditch at the carwash behind the Valero located at Rundberg and Parkfield.

Jean Niswonger gave an update on the plans to improve Quail Creek Park. Completing the trail was the most requested item. Planting trees and installing fitness equipment at the park is being considered. Austin Parks and Recreation Department volunteered to provide the labor to install for free. NACA can help by digging post holes, assembling the new fitness equipment and painting the old equipment to match the new fitness equipment. There are currently three fitness stations. Jean will be contacting NACA for volunteers to help with this effort.

Mr. Rod Radle, Director of the San Antonio Alternative Housing Corporation, gave a presentation for their proposal to acquire Runnymede Apartments.. They currently own four other properties in the area including Rutland Apartments. New acquisitions are done through tax credits and bonds through the State of Texas. 4.3 million dollars is allotted to refurbish Runnymede Apts. Projects include: replacing the wood trim siding; replacing air conditioner units with energy efficient units; replacing piping and bathtubs; replacing electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathroom; replacing cabinets and interior floors; replacing windows with double pane insulated windows; replacing thermostats. A perimeter fence will be installed but without gates. Entrances will be reduced from five to three on the Rundberg side. A Learning Center will be set up. An on site Social Services worker will be on site. Two playgrounds will be installed. All mailboxes will be re placed. All appliances will be ADA accessible. New sidewalks and curbed ramps will be installed. Drainage on the property will be improved .

Window and bathroom work can be done within one day. Floors might require some temporary resident relocation. The ADA units will need to be entirely gutted and those residents will have to be temporarily relocated.

The majority of people who live there now will qualify to live there. They will get tax credits to rent to tenants who make $46,000.00 or below.

Concerns were addressed in a draft of the Memorandum of Agreement between NACA and SAAHP which was distributed. Items were discussed.

Capstone Property Management will manage the property. The project could start in October and last for one year until completion. Renters will not rent for more than 30% of their monthly income. Police officers will be encouraged to live on property. There will be a security service who monitors the property. HUD guidelines will be followed on how many people live in one unit. Program: The High Cost of Insurance; Speaker: MIstie Householter, Texas Department of Insurance

An insurance price comparisons brochure was discussed. Consider the financial and complaint rating for any insurance company or agent.

Tips for finding good rates: ask for discounts (multi policy discount); install alarm systems, fire extinguishers and new roofs; shop around with independent agents; is a good website to check out; consider higher deductibles to lower annual premiums. Read your policy. A consumer help line with Texas Department of Insurance can be called if your agent or insurance company can’t answer your question. Jewelry endorsements can be added on. Art, stamp, comic or antique collections can be included. Flood insurance is usually required if you are in flood plain. If not in a flood plain, you can get insurance through FEMA. Combine your policies with a company to reduce premiums.

Homeowner’s policy does not cover flood but does wind and hail damage. Flood insurance is for rising water.

Auto insurance: the minimum is for liability insurance, 20/40/15. These limits have been increased to 25/50/25. Jan 2011 will increase 30/65/25.

1-800-252-3439 can be called for any questions or complaints.

Eric Stimmel suggested understanding coverage and terminology; avoid buying insurance on cost alone; thoroughly review your coverage every year and keep your credit in good standing.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.



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