May 2008 Meeting Minutes
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NACA GENERAL MEETING Thursday May 15, 2008 Little Walnut Creek Library 835 W. Rundberg Lane

The meeting was called to order by Anthony Williams at 7:03pm


The April meeting minutes were distributed. A few corrections were noted. A motion was made and seconded to approve the April minutes.

Anthony reviewed the financials. Currently there is $12,180.00 in the NACA bank account. $9,463.07 of this is dedicated to beautification funds from the Allied Waste recycling facility host fee. The monthly cost of the newsletter (4000 copies) is $807.45. Based on the current revenue from advertisements, we currently have a deficit of $173.45. The newsletter is printed 10 months of the year.

Some ideas on how to overcome this shortfall include:

Recruit one new business member; Cost of $100 per year Recruit individual members; new homeowners are sent information on NACA Donation envelope campaign in the NACA newsletter Future NACA Dine Out Nights Grants Fundraisers; NACA T-shirt sales Shopping Cart Returns Cut Newsletter costs

Officer Lee Davis recommended a community outreach project to secure business memberships in the neighborhood which could be held on a Saturday. Officer Davis is willing to help with this effort.

Brian LaCour stated that we should focus on an increase in individual membership because that increases the pool of volunteers that can help on various NACA projects.

Ideas for uses of Allied/BFI funds includes: Installation of Capital Metro trash cans at Bus Stops in NACA that don’t currently have trash cans.; New permanent benches at Heron Hollow; Neighborhood signs at major arterial entrances into NACA; New permanent benches at Ron Rigsby Park.

Evelyn Monnich suggested that we hire people to mow the easements along the sidewalks and right of way along the major thoroughfares that never get mowed. Brian LaCour stated that it is the property owner’s responsibility to mow this area. Brian also stated we should focus use of funds to improving eyesores in the NACA area. He suggested that people drive around the area to identify these areas. Prices for different benches will be researched by Brian Almon and be discussed at the June meeting.

Anthony gave an update on the Rutland Beautification Project which is focusing on Rutland from Grouse Meadow to the westbound curve next to the apartments. Brian discussed the contest that residents could participate. Follow up will occur with the owners. If this project is successful it will be expanded to other thoroughfares.

Anthony also discussed a letter sent to area judges on behalf of the North Austin Council of Neighborhoods. This letter summarized what has been accomplished by NACAN over the last few years. It also discussed implementing the stay away order for repeat offenders in the neighborhood. It also suggested having repeat offenders come before a neighborhood group to hear their concerns and criticisms. It also asked judges to attend a neighborhood meeting. Dates for future meetings were listed. Copies of a letter of support which can be completed were distributed and will also be available on the NACAN website.

Fran mentioned the APD Commanders Forum from the other night. There is more police in the neighborhood than we think because they are undercover.

Meeting: Should I Save it or Throw it; Speaker Linda Moore

Linda has an estate sale company. She charges a $300.00 set up fee to determine what is sellable and then keeps 40% of anything that is sold. She recently did an estate sale of 30 years. Every room in the house was stuffed with miscellaneous items. Over $11, 000.00 was made selling the items over the weekend.

The more valuable items are antiques, tools, stamps, coins, vintage linens, glass ware, radios and stereos. Some of these items can be sold on Ebay, or on Craigs List.

Consider how long have you used an item or worn it? Is it taking up room? If it hasn’t been used in a year, it can’t be too dear.

Compulsive hoarding is a real disease. If you are too embarrassed to invite someone over to your house because of your clutter, you could be a person inflicted.

Books and outdated encyclopedias should be given to Half Price Books. Old clothing should be donated to Goodwill etc. Old film can be transferred to a DVD.

Old tax records can be saved for only seven years. A-Tex shredding will come to your house to shred document s for a $50 minimum.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.



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