March 2010 Monthly Meeting Agenda
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7:00  Welcome and introductions

7:05  Minutes

7:10 Treasurer’s report

7:15  Ora Houston – Imagine Austin – the process of developing an updated comprehensive plan for Austin

7:45  Randy Teich – brief update on the website

8:00  Doris Williams – update on Austin Neighborhood Council  business

8:15  Announcements

l  Census – remember to complete the form on April 1 and return as instructed

l  Voting –  if you are eligible to vote in a primary run-off (you can only vote in the run-off of the party you voted for in the primary) please do so.  Also there are school board elections coming up and we need to vote.  And, of course, there is the general election in November. 

l  Move the vote – county initiative to register voters between 18 and 25.  If you are interested in helping register voters, let me know as Gina Almon and I have committed to help with this initiative

l  Street clean-up – next clean-up is April 10 beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the Ohlen/Research/Payton Gin triangle – meet at Brethren Church, 1700 Payton Gin (park on Galewood). 

l  Other – from audience



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