April 2010 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday April 15, 2010 Little Walnut Creek Library

Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.


The March meeting minutes will be distributed at the May meeting.

Brian LaCour stated that we have $10,898.21 in beautification funds and $1,766.22 in general operating funds. Insurance and main bills and operational expenses have been paid for this year. The newsletter is the only expense left. NACA has saved money by printing a six page newsletter instead of eight page. Membership currently stands at 93 which is better than previous years.

Jeff Cohen spoke about grant writing and obstacles to overcome. Grant funding is available for one year. One question is how the money will be spent during one year and how more expenses will be covered after the first year is over. Funders want organizations with good track records for book keeping etc. Most grants are available for organizations with 501-C3. Most neighborhood organizations are 501-C4 and are allowed to lobby for political candidate through educating voters and candidates. Most funders do not want the chance of being associated with promoting a certain political candidate. We must inquire if a funder will allow a grant to a 501-C4 organization. Funders prefer that organizations have a member base, a broad board leadership, a strategic plan and a diversified fundraising program.

Robert Syvarth is a Boy Scout who spoke about a project to build a chimney swift tower with an information kiosk at Heron Hollow. A chimney swift tower is a very tall bird nest for birds with a 12” wingspan. The project will cost $500 and has currently raised $100. NACA has committed to $200 which still leaves $200 left. A collection plate was passed around for people to donate to the project. The plan is to finish the project by the end of June.

Heron Hollow always needs help for clean up and maintenance. Contact Brian Almon for more information.

General Meeting: Speaker; Patrick Ockletree, APD Commander Central Bureau

Commander Ockletree has been with APD for 25 years. During 2003 to 2009, he has worked in this area. He welcomes phone calls and emails about any concerns.

He stated that the Sam Rayburn Clean Up Project has resulted in an improvement in the condition of the duplexes and four-plexes.

APD Officer Lee Davis spoke about the increase in auto thefts, especially the Ford S-250, Honda Accord and Civics. He gave tips on how to prevent thefts. The HIAT Program gives officers to authority to stop your vehicle to make sure if you are the owner. The crime triangle involves: the ability to commit crime; the motivation to commit crime and the opportunity to commit crime. You can do everything to prevent crime but still be a victim.

Commander Ockletree also spoke about the Public Safety Camera Project, which APD is initiating in order to keep an eye on criminal activities. One of the locations for the cameras will be Rundberg and North Lamar area. A placement committee determines locations for cameras. The challenge is working through the legal assessment of the video. A department policy is being developed to determine how the footage will be used and how the information will be distributed

to the public when it is requested. The video will be monitored 24 hours a day. Signs will be posted in those areas under surveillance. A grant is being used to get these cameras in place. The goal is to get the camera’s installed by late fall. Denver has a model that resulted in a 50% reduction in crime in those areas. Stay Away Orders will be enforced.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 pm.



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