NACN Special Meeting – Landlord/Property Manager Training – June 16
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As most of you know, NACN has been looking at other cities to figure out new ways to make things work better in our neighborhoods. One thing we have been looking at is the way other cities run classes for their landlords, and the lack of education among Austin’s landlords/property managers. We are asking these folks to do the right thing – but not giving them any resources or training, which isn’t really the best way to fix things.

(Click for enlarged flyer)

On June 16th, we will be running a special NACN meeting where we will provide basic training and information to landlords/property managers. We are also tentatively scheduling another training in November – our thinking is if this is something that North Austin needs, then we are happy to provide it as one more tool.

Now I said ‘North’ but we actually found meeting space down in the St. John’s neighborhood (just north of Highland Mall) and we will happily take any landlords/property managers you think need to come to this meeting.

I have attached a flyer. Please feel free to distribute and share.

Mary Rudig
GWNA Coach
NACN Liason

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