Neighborhood Habitat Challenge April 12th – November 15th, 2010
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This is the third year the City of Austin and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) have challenged Austin neighborhoods to take the Neighborhood Habitat Challenge!

Wildlife Austin is an initiative to educate and support Austinites in the creation of wildlife habitats to benefit its people, wildlife, and biodiversity. Not only is Austin the first certified city in Texas, it is also the largest metropolitan area in the nation to earn this distinguished title from NWF.

The Parks and Recreation Department’s Wildlife Austin program is sponsoring the challenge.
It’s easy to create homes for wildlife in our city. Properties that provide food, water, cover, places to raise young for wildlife and practice sustainable gardening practices are eligible for NWF wildlife habitat certification.
Schools, places of business and worship, and other community sites can also be counted in the Habitat Challenge.

You can even certify your property with a Pre-Paid NWF habitat certification application courtesy of the City of Austin. Email [email protected] for an application today. Please include your mailing address and phone number in your request.
The usual fee is $20 and a limited number of the pre-paid applications are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t delay, request your application today.

Creating habitat is as simple as…
Planting native plants that provide nectar, pollen, seeds, and berries year round
Including a reliable water source to attract a variety of critters including birds, bees, and butterflies
Providing places for cover and rearing young such as planting evergreen shrubs, leaving rock piles or putting up a birdhouse

For more information visit the City of Austin website at


Ellen Martin at [email protected] or call 923-1138



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