June 2010 Meeting Minutes
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NACA Minutes for June 17, 2010 The meeting was opened by Eleanor Langsdorf at 7 PM on Thursday, June 18, 2010.

Maria Garza, a representative of cap Metro, gave a power point presentation on the budget process at Cap Metro. The agency is seeking input from the community on what is important to citizens in the budget. Maria asked those present to log into CapMetro.org and complete a survey about the budget the deadline is June 20, 2010.

Minutes of the May NACA meeting were sent by email by Matt Myers and accepted as published. In the absence of the treasurer, Brian LaCour, there was no financial report.

Two people have offered to run for the vacancy at vice-president. Ann Teich and John Green will provide biographical information will be included in the August newsletter and a vote of paid members will be taken at the August meeting.

Caro Du Bois reported on the current status of Ron Rigsby Park. Most of the planting and landscaping is complete and various volunteers are watering the plants. Bids are being prepared for the water spigot and will be coordinated with the city water department. There is concern about graffiti being painted on the tables. Caro suggested that people who live near continue to contact APD if they think there is vandalism happening.

A chimney swift tower has been installed at Heron Hollow under the leadership of Robert Syvarth, a candidate for Eagle Scout. Robert obtained the design for the tower, gathered the materials and, with the help of members of his troop and others, built the tower. Included on the tower is information about the design and function of the tower.

The main speaker for the evening was Officer Lee Davis, district representative for APD. He was assisted by Officer Orlando Smart and Officer Chris Davis (Lee’s younger brother). They are also DRs. The topic was Personal Safety – Four Basic Rules.

Lee said that if a person finds him or her self the victim of an attempted crime the reaction should be to

1. React immediately 2. Be explosive and dynamic 3. Don’t create a second crime scene 4. Never ever give up!

A person should always be aware of his/her surroundings. Look around before you get in the car, before you go to unlock your door, even in the morning when you go out to get the newspaper.

When you resist remember you are in a fight you must win and there are no rules to follow. Do whatever you need to do to win decisively: bite, kick, trip or punch hard. If some one asks for money and you do not want to give any remember that NO means NO. Say it loud enough that it is obvious that you mean what you say. If you want to carry a defensive spray use pepper spray.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M. Submitted by Lloyd Langsdorf



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