August 2010 North Central Commanders Forum Minutes
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August 2010 North Central Commanders Forum Minutes

NACA Forum Aug, 2010 Powerpoint slides

Good Afternoon,

Last Nights North Central Commanders Forum was a great success. I would like to say thanks to all of you who attended and gave us great feed back. I would also like to send out a HUGE Thank You to Grant A.M.E. Church for stepping up in the last minutes and giving us an outstanding location to hold a successful forum. We appreciate the time, location, and outreach to assist the Austin Police Dept in serving the community the best we can. Just to recap the night events and subjects discussed.

The North Central District Reps opened the meeting and quickly turned things over to Commander Patrick Ockletree, North Central Area Command support Commander. Commander Ockletree dove right into the Crime Trends and Statistics covering index crime #’s and answering tough questions from the attendees regarding current trends and some of the Tactics APD is using to address these trends. A new initiative was presented that will utilize High visibility Patrol and Bike Officers to aggressively enforce areas documented as “Hot Spots”. Commander Ockletree further addressed the Property Crime issues, Burglaries in particular, that have been increasing as of late. He further explained how he has been utilizing the Detectives to aggressively follow up and investigate this crime trend. To research crimes that are happening in your area follow the link below:

Afterwards Officers Lee Davis and Steve Gordon gave a quick recap of Recent Initiatives and Events that the North Central District Representatives have been involved with. Officer Gordon spoke about 2 initiatives, Operation Clean Streets 3 and Operation Brake Out, which have our area district reps aggressively cleaning up transient camps and enforcing nuisance violations involving the transient communities in the area. Officer Gordon addressed the quality of life issues that have been affecting our areas due to transient community and some steps that the community can make to help APD address these issues. Officer Davis then gave a brief presentation covering 2 classes that have been created to assist HOA and neighborhood groups. First was the North Austin Landlord/Property Manager Training. Mrs. Mary Rudig, Gracy Woods Neighborhood Safety Coach gave a brief but very informative presentation of the CASH Program and how the training came about, what it entails, and how future programs can be set up. Officer Davis then presented the Personal Safety Training of which he has recently given several presentations on. Officer Davis briefly covered how it is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that they don’t become a victim of crime by not giving the Criminals the opportunity to victimize them. Officer Davis covered what the program entailed and how to set them up for future meetings in a neighborhood near you.

The Forums BIG Subject of the night were the Austin Public Safety Cameras that were presented by the Police Technology Unit. Lt. Pat Cochran and Officer Ryan Huling gave a very informative presentation on the Cameras, how they will be utilized, the systems ability to grow with time, and possible placement locations for the cameras in the Rundberg/I-35 area. Officer Huling also addressed their request for public input on the cameras, their impact on the community, and areas the public is interest in placement of the cameras. The following Webpage has been set up for public input

Click on the link for Public Safety Cameras under the Community Watch Header and fill out the short survey to give your input. We want to thank Lt. Cochran and Officer Huling for coming out and giving us a very informative and involved presentation. We look forward to seeing the project move forward.

The Meeting was concluded by Commander Ockletree by thanking everyone from coming out and being involved. Special thanks were given to the North Central District Reps Administrative Support Specialist, Ms. Gwen McLennan, for all of the hard work that she does for the office and the community.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who attended and continue to support us in our efforts to serve the North Central Austin communities and the citizens and guests of the city of Austin as a whole.

(Attached is a copy of the Power Point Presentation. If you have trouble viewing the presentation and would like a paper copy please contact us and we will make these available to you.)

North Central District Office

Administrative Assistant: Gwen McLennan 974-5722

Officer Lawrence Davis 974-4263

Officer Steve Gordon 974-5592

Officer Chris Davis 974-4199

Officer Orlando Smart 974-4262



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