Call for action: Help us rank NACA improvements for the City
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The Planning & Development Review Department of the City wants NACA to re-prioritize the action items of our Neighborhood Plan that can be done by City departments.  Attached are the action items that have not been completed for which City departments could accomplish.  The first column shows the top ten action items in Sept 2008.  What I need you to do is to rank the top ten Action Items that you believe should be completed before the other items.  If you do not pick the same Action Items, please indicate in the comment column why you want a different one.  Please consider the cost of the Item and the comments provided by the City as you make your selections.  I will tally the results and provide the City the results.

Please return by email to me ([email protected]) by Thursday, April 28th.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Brian Almon

The list of action items can be found here: Plan update 3-2011.xls



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