September 2011 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday September 15, 2011

Little Walnut Creek Library




Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:01pm




The August meeting minutes were distributed and approved.


NACA currently has $898.12 in general operating funds; there is $14,501.50 in Allied Waste Beautification Funds.


Mr. Abdul Patel spoke about the property on Northgate just north of Colony Creek. He currently operates four convenience stores in Austin. He wants to propose a zoning change for this property to operate a self service car wash with four to six bays. Brian Almon stated a concern that a car wash can be main contributor of trash when cans get overloaded.


Gabe Rojas stated that two resolutions were passed at the last NACN meeting. One is to create a hotel district on the west side of IH 35. A second initiative approved was to create a North Lamar district similar to the South Congress district.


Susie Milam made a motion for a donation from the NACA Beautification Funds not to exceed $200.00 for trash cans with plastic liners and cable lock fore the playground area at Wooldridge Elementary. That motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


Speaker; Ron Davis, Travis County Commissioner Precinct One


NACA is currently in Ron Davis’ jurisdiction; however, in 60 days upon Department of Justice approval, NACA will be in Sarah Eckhart’s Precinct Two. Several County Staff was introduced.


Every county has a judge and four commissioners. There must be quorum at each Commissioners Court meeting. There are 48 county elected officials. The Commissioners Court is governed by state statute and sets the tax rate when the budget is completed. County Judge Sam Biscoe is like the county mayor. County government is to provide a uniform system of justice. County government is an older system of government with more consolidation of authority.


A Colonia is a subdivision without some standard services including waste water capabilities. Kennedy Ridge is an example. A grant was applied to provide the waste water service. A condition of the grant was that Travis County had to help with the installation of the water lines.


Inter local relationships with the City of Austin includes first responders and central booking.  Travis County EMS and Star Flight coordinates with Emergency Services of the City of Austin


Travis County gives 20% homestead exemption. For those above 65 years, a $6,500.00 adjustment is given on property taxes.


County healthcare for the indigent is separate from the Central Health Organization. Counties are mandated by state law to care for the indigent.


Alfred Stanley reviewed the proposed re-district boundaries. These district boundaries are reviewed every 10 years in conjunction with the Census. Districts can’t be too small or too large. Census blocks may have few people living in them. The population data is reviewed. Other factors considered in the boundaries are: One man/one vote; the Voting Rights Act (east Austin has become more integrated); legislative and congressional lines (there are five congressional districts in the county); and the Open Meetings Act. Preferences of the County Commissioners are also considered.


One significant aspects of the re-districting boundaries is that District Two will keep Travis County Northeast Metro Park;


Speaker: Kristi Stillwell, Austin Safe Routes to School


She also works for City of Austin and Travis County Health and Human Services Department Family Health and Injury Prevention Program. This program is funded by a grant. Their primary goal is to increase the number and safety of kids walking and biking to school.


The current percentage of young children walking to school is 13% nationally and locally. Only one percent ride their bicycle to school. Major reasons adults don’t let their kids walk or ride a bike is safety concerns.


They are currently working with the Wooldridge Elementary. Currently 80% of the Wooldridge students are dropped off by parents. Only Special Ed students take a bus to this campus.


For the 2012 school year, staff will be in yellow vests to walk with children to school in adult supervised groups. They help educate the children on safe pedestrian behaviors. They are recruiting adult walker volunteers to continue the walking groups for the following school year and beyond. Volunteers must complete a background check.


Wednesday October 5th is International Walk to School Day.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm. Next meeting Thursday Oct 20th, Little Walnut Creek Library 



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