Stakeholder Meeting on Burnet and N. Lamar Corridors
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Please take note of the stakeholder meeting on October 18 (specifics below).

City of Austin Transportation Dept. is holding the meeting, and among other things, the Burnet Road and N. Lamar transportation corridors will be discussed. See notes from Mary Rudig, NACN president, below the meeting announcement for background information.

It would be very helpful if NACA were represented at this meeting, and the neighborhood views re the development of N. Lamar expressed.

Important Community Meeting
Tuesday, October 18, 6:45-8:45 p.m
North Village Branch Public Library
2505 Steck Avenue

The City of Austin Transportation Department is hosting a series of stakeholder meetings, to gather input on its corridor study. The study only looks at 5 corridors, and one of those is the North Lamar.

Three things you need to know:

1. They want to hear from the community. This is your chance to say what you love or hate about North Lamar, and what needs to be fixed.

2. In February, the recommendations from this study will be taken to City Council. There will then be a bond put forth for a 2012 election. In the past, North Austin has been short-changed on these bonds – but this time the bond will be on 5 corridors and two of those are Burnet and North Lamar. Hopefully THIS time we will get a more equal share of the money.

3. Many of the issues we have with North Lamar stem from the fact that the road does not belong to the City. It is a Texas highway, run by TxDot. They gave South Lamar to the city years ago, and recently relinquished Airport to the city as well. We are hoping that through this study, North Lamar will get the same treatment. TxDot has no idea how to effectively manage a road in a residential area – and it shows.

All of this depends on one thing – our community deciding to be involved. As you can imagine, having good attendance at this meeting is crucial to insisting the City takes this study seriously. Please try to be there – and please pass the word along to others.



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