Peter Daniels, executive director of A New Entry (, a 501c3 nonprofit that provides housing and supportive services for the homeless, the formerly incarcerated, and formerly addicted, has asked me to explore with the NACA neighborhood, the possibility of locating his housing and supportive services program in our neighborhood.
By that he means finding a house in our area and placing clients and staff in that housing. There is a property available in our area, and his real estate agent is currently looking into it. There is nothing in stone as yet. He is reaching out to NACA first to see if his program would be welcomed.
Peter spoke at one of our monthly meetings this year, along with Frank Fernandez of Green Doors and David Pena of Texas Reach Out. Peter is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist.
I have the highest respect for Peter and his staff. About 70% of his current clients are honorably discharged veterans. A New Entry would own the property and would be responsible for the property management. A New Entry’s program is described as recovery supportive housing. No one is mandated or coerced to stay in their program. Their clients are volunteers and are screened for non-violence and goal-oriented motivation. They are also heavily case managed by A New Entry staff, as well as by their sponsoring organization (Travis County is one such sponsoring entity).
I have visited Peter’s current and former housing sites and they are extremely well managed: clean, safe, healthy. A New Entry receives grant funding from the Religious Coalition to Assist the Homeless ( and has received said funding for a number of years. I sit on the Board of that organization.
Please let me know what you think of his proposal by October 15. If you do not respond by then, I will assume that you are in favor of this proposal.
Please remember, this is a tentative proposal – there is nothing in stone as of yet. I know that Peter would prefer to work with NACA rather than against NACA. I also know that his clients need to be in an area with affordable shopping, affordable transportation, and close proximity to Community Care clinics.
Thanks! Please respond to
Ann Teich, Vice President, NACA [email protected]

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