November 2011 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday November 17, 2011

Little Walnut Creek Library




Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:03pm




The October meeting minutes were distributed and approved with one correction.


NACA currently has $726.32 in general operating funds; there is $14,557.07 in Allied Waste Beautification Funds. $10,000.00 of the beautification funds is still due to Austin Parks Foundation for matching funds for the Quail Creek Park renovation. We will have Barry Woltag contact Austin Parks to determine the status of being billed. There are currently over 150 members.


Linda Moore stated we need to have a slate of officers before December 10th so we can list them in the December NACA newsletter. The vote will occur at the January meeting.


Caro DuBois has requested $324.75 in beautification funds to pay landscaper, Emil Shamrosky, to cultivate and add compost to the pecan tree at Heron Hollow. She would also like to nominate this tree to the Austin Heritage Tree Foundation. This request was approved unanimously.


Speaker; Sgt. Jeff Crawford and Sgt. Robert Hester, Austin Police Department, Burglary Division


This division was recently reorganized into a centralized division consisting of nine detectives and one crime analyst. Additional detectives may be added in the future. The advantage was better communication among detectives and investigators. Investigators cover the whole city while detectives are assigned to certain areas in the city.


When decentralization existed the clearance rate on burglaries was half (4%) of the national average (8%). Since centralization occurred over the last five months, the clearance rate has increased to 8%. Clearance occurs via arrest or administrative function. A case is suspended if there are no witnesses, fingerprints or viable leads. The case load is currently 1,400. There is an average of over 100 cases per officer.


Burglars seldom work alone. Proactive work can prevent burglaries before they occur.


NACA is located in Edward Three Sector. Year to date burglaries are down 21% over the previous year. From June 1st to Nov 15th, there is a 40% decrease over the previous year.


It is very seldom that police will notify neighbors of surveillance or police activity in the area. There is public record you can file for. Contact your APD District Representative for information.  Criminals use Facebook and Craigslist to target victims.


It is recommended to create an inventory of your valuables including serial numbers and digital pictures. Engraving jewelry and other items with driver’s license numbers. Keep info on a flash or thumb drive.


Burglars will typically leave immediately if they enter a house where the alarm siren is activated. Proactive neighborhood watch programs are effective at deterring burglaries. Email Mary Rudig  at [email protected] if you would like to arrange training on creating a watch group with your neighbors.


Leads Online will eventually mandate pawn shops to enter serial numbers into the system. Currently, this is only voluntary.


There is a current initiative to have a patrol officer go file a burglary report onsite instead of creating the report from a telephone call.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm. 



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