Small Victory for North Austin
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Hey Team,

Today, we had a small moment of victory – a Council member wrote to me directly because of my last editorial.  The fact that a Council member actually contacted me about our issues and concerns is huge,  BUT-

we NEED to keep our thumb on City Council for the next three weeks. This is the time to make phone calls, send emails, and really let them know that we are engaged and active. We have until August 2nd – now is crunch time.

If you haven’t already, can you please pass the editorial and the survey around to your lists?

The editorial on the bond package is here:

We also have a survey for people to take about the bond package here:

For some reason, some email providers strip our survey links, so you can also just go to:

and click on the survey link in the right hand corner.

City Council’s Info:

Mayor Leffingwell, 512-974-2250[email protected]gov
Chris Riley, 512-974-2260[email protected]
Mike Martinez, 512-974-2264[email protected]
Sheryl Cole, 512-974-2266[email protected]
Bill Spellman, 512-974-2256[email protected]
Kathie Tovo, [email protected]
Laura Morrison, [email protected]
Marc Ott, 512-974-2200, City Manager, [email protected]


How to Contact the Bond Committee:

Social Media – Twitter (#ATXBD) & Facebook

Email – [email protected]gov

Hotline (Voicemail & Text) – (512) 539-0060

Centralized Website:
Thank you!!!

-Mary Rudig
GWNA Coach



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