Bond brochure and other N Lamar funding
14 September 2012 - 21:18, by , in News, No comments has the bond brochure with info on all the city proposals All in english and spanish. They’ll send you however many printed copies to distribute.
The brochure isn’t quite the snappy marketing piece I was hoping for. It does have a lovely photo of one of our bumpy footpaths, inches away from oncoming traffic. Also a nice overhead of Robert at the community meeting at Gus Garcia, plotting his dot campaign.
There is a PAC formed to run a Love Austin campaign, supporting all the city bond items (not the med school).
Leffingwell, “political consultants David Butts and Mark Nathan and neighborhood and environmental activist Ted Siff”. Includes the bike and trails types (which are part of the transportation) as well as CoC and such who traditionally support roads for cars. Labor, the democratic clubs. Kickoff event Sept 24.
Probably we’ll want to try to get their yard sites out along Lamar. I think probably they’ll have enough other media going on that their logo will be the thing that people remember.
As far as I can tell, no one is running a separate campaign just for the tranportation item.
I’m still thinking we focus on voter registration, connect the contested school board seat, the transportation bond, and the geographic representation items as why this election especially matters here.
Lisa Hinely
Chair, North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood plan contact team



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