North Austin Crime Alert – New Twist on Home Break-ins
24 September 2012 - 20:39, by , in News, No comments
FYI – The Constables have informed me that we now have a criminal ring in Austin that drives up to houses with a trailer and landscape equipment. They are unloading the mower, turning it on, and then using the noise and the landscaping equipment to mask that they are breaking into houses.
We also had a criminal recently arrested who had outfitted his truck to make it look like he was a painter. He was doing home break-ins and I understand he may have been involved in a possible rape (I haven’t been able to confirm this later part).
Please get out the word to your neighborhoods and list serves. We need everybody to extra vigilant. Please do not just assume a contractor or a landscaper has a reason to be there.
Mary Rudig
GWNA Coach
Gracywoods – North Austin’s Greenbelt
Liason – NACN
Changing North Austin – One Neighborhood at a Time



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