North Austin Crime Alert
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I know I’ve already spammed you for this week, but please, please, please, pass this info along to your neighbors and list serves. Although we did catch these criminals, we had a neighbor who found herself in a very dangerous situation. This situation could’ve been prevented if her door had been properly secure and it really highlights why we all need to work to get safety info out to our neighborhoods:

North Austin Crime Alert!

The two break-ins that just happened in Gracywoods was because we had people knocking on doors, pretending to be solicitors, and if nobody answered, they kicked in the front door. They were targeting older citizens, and specifically looking for prescription drugs.

What’s really scary is a homeowner WAS home, but because she didn’t answer the door, they kicked in her door. Fortunately, she was able to get to the phone and the criminals fled and were caught, but I want to repeat what we’ve posted before.

We need EVERYBODY to harden up their homes. We’ve talked about this a neighborhood meetings and Watch meetings, but it bears repeating. You should replace the screws on your deadbolt latch plate  with 3-4 inch deck or wood screws. Please! Do NOT trust the screws that came with your house, they are too short and will not hold the latch securely when it is kicked in. You need longer screws that go through the molding around the frame and into the studs themselves. A criminal will usually kick twice and move on. Without those 3-4 inch screws, it takes less than 30 seconds for them to break in.

more info on upgrading locks and deadbolts is here:

Also, if you are handy with tools, please check with your ‘Five’ (the house on either side of you and the three across the street) and see if they need help replacing the screws on their doors.  Isn’t $2 in screws and 20 minutes of your time  worth it to keep a neighbor safe?

Second, let’s not allow solicitors to be comfortable in our neighborhoods. That sounds harsh, but do we really want to encourage strangers to be in our neighborhood? Please help us send a strong message. What we want is for the criminals to get the message and start telling their buddies, “Hey if you go over to such and such a neighborhood, they are going to ask questions and call the cops. Its just not worth the risk.”

NACN has a tip sheet on how to handle solicitors on their website. It only takes a couple of minutes to download it and read it. If people can pass the sheets along to neighbors, then that’s even better.

This is a good time to remind y’all there is Safety Forum next Saturday.

Safety Forum – North Austin, Sept 22nd
LOCATION: North Village Library on Steck Ave

Want to know how to check Crime in your area? Want to talk to other people who are doing Watches about specific issues? Want to know how to run a Watch on your street? Please come and join us for a Safety Forum!


10:00 am Doors open
11:00 am Mary Rudig Watch 101
11:30 am krimelabb: How to be a Neighborhood Crime Analyst
12:00 am Panel (tentative)
1:00 pm Network

more info:

Jack Darby, [email protected]

And info on the arrest for these breaks in if you did not catch it:

Let’s keep our neighborhoods safe!!

-Mary R
GWNA Coach



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