Rental Registrati​on Pilot Program THURSDAY @ CITY COUNCIL
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Three Rental Registration Pilot Program ordinances are before City Council tomorrow.  Three different areas of Austin are being considered for having the pilot program to address problem properties: NACA/Restore Rundberg area, Central Austin (CANPAC), and/or the East Riverside/Oltorf Combined (EROC) neighborhoods.  These areas have neighborhood and tenant safety advocate leaders who have a long-standing request that City Council take action to address problem properties, and support the pilot programs.  The Rental Registration Pilot Program would require all multi-family rental units older than 15 years-old, excluding owner-occupied, to register pertinent contact information with the City and be inspected once every five years.  Single-family properties are only required to register if they are a repeat violator of code violations. 

City Council already passed the Code Compliance budget that added the additional officers for a multi-family unit program and rental registration programs. The budget also added administrative positions for Code Compliance.  Code Compliance will only be using existing resources for the pilot program.  Code Compliance is NOT charging any fee for landlords to register their properties or for the inspection in relation to the pilot program.  City Council would have to amend code in order for any fee to be charged.

Importantly, a quarterly evaluation to City Council is required in the ordinance to be made by Code Compliance.  This is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot program.
Whether or not you can attend tomorrow, please share your support to City Council over the phone or in writing!
Mayor Leffingwell                   
Mayor Pro Tem Cole              
Council Member Spelman      
Council Member Riley           
Council Member Martinez     
Council Member Tovo            
Council Member Morrison     
Please see the City Council agenda for the ordinances and any backup information:



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