2016 Meeting Agendas
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Meeting planners (aka vice-presidents) are looking for your input in regard to our monthly meeting agendas. For example, in response to a suggestion last year, a “Member Communications” segment was added in order to discuss new concerns and issues of members and attendees. These segments are not added to every meeting – but they are added to the majority of them.

The meeting has typically always included presentations from persons other than neighborhood members. Attendees learn about city or county departments or work from their staffs, and about other organizations that are doing good work in the community. At times, candidates for office attend a meeting so that members can make an informed decision when voting.

A recent suggestion was to invite operators of local restaurants to the meeting. This idea will be acted upon in an upcoming meeting. We can learn about how long they have been in the neighborhood, their background, and maybe even be able to taste some of their specialties!

A well-planned agenda is an effective tool for increasing our productivity, and getting members or nonmembers to return. Do you have a suggested presentation, or general suggestion for the agenda? Please let us know!



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