What is Rundberg Educational Advancement District (READ)?
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What is Rundberg Educational Advancement District (READ)?

The Rundberg Educational Advancement District grew out of the Restore Rundberg revitalization initiative, which has a primary focus on public safety. Due to population growth and new schools forming, there currently six schools located along Rundberg Lane, between North Lamar Boulevard and Dessau Road:

  • Dobie Middle School,
  • Dobie Pre-K,
  • Harmony Science Academy,
  • IDEA Rundberg,
  • Guerrero-Thompson,
  • and Barrington Elementary Schools.

It was realized that the entire length of Rundberg from Lamar to Cameron is a drug free zone because of the 1,000 foot radius around school properties (which includes recreational areas where youth congregate such as a recreation center or library).

READ is organized into three teams – beautification, communications, and youth resources- with two leads for each. Students from the schools in the district are also represented. Each team will establish goals and identify opportunities; several projects are underway or completed. Support the current READ Bottle-cap collection or sign up to receive updates on other READ projects and meetings!

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