May 14 • Zoning Hearing for Stadium Proposal
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The zoning hearing for the stadium will be held  Tuesday, May 14th.
Traffic and flooding are two main concerns.
The stadium proposal is for 85% impervious surface.  The runoff will go into the creek that runs from the site towards NACA and Quail Hollow.  You may want to share the attached flood map with your neighbors, and ask those concerned to be ready to attend the meeting on May 14th and or email the entire City Council as soon as possible.
The following is being suggested by some surrounding neighbors:
-Detention ponds sized for Atlas 14 flood maps.
-Additional stormwater infrastructure to ensure neighborhood safety.
-Flood Insurance or security bond paid by PSV to cover flood damage to any homes in the watershed downstream.  (So the City of Austin taxpayers do not have to pay this cost.)
-Limit of 24 events per year (2 per month) at the stadium (To limit noise, congestion, and emissions.)
-Neighborhood traffic impact analysis (not just the regular TIA for the immediate site).
-A comprehensive regional neighborhood traffic management plan. (To mitigate the impact on major corridors like IH35, HWY 183, MoPac, Burnet Rd., Braker, Metric, Rundberg, Jollyville, and Duval.)
All these items (plus all standard venue public safety requirements) must be secured prior to the approval of the zoning and height variances.
Thank you,
P.S.  Flood Maps can be found at:
P.S.S.  There is no real reason to rush the stadium development process. This public project must be done with great care and due diligence, just like any other public building would be developed. The site development plans must be done well the first time and vetted through a transparent and inclusive process.



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