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Please join us for the ACC GIS Student Showcase at the North Austin YMCA on Wednesday, May 15th from 5:30 to 7 PM.   The READ Alliance has teamed up with GIS Mapping students from Austin Community College and the Austin Police Department to help us better understand what’s happening in the Educational Core of the Rundberg area.

  • WHAT: Presentation by students from Austin Community College GIS Mapping program about issues happening in the educational core of the Rundberg area.
    • Street Lighting Analysis and Planning around local schools
    • Crime and Code Compliance: Correlation or Coincidence within Rundberg’s educational core
    • Community Garden Site Suitability Analysis and Web Application
    • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: The Impact of Trash on Public Safety
    • Analyzing Crime Trends Around Greenspaces 
    • Mapping Public Safety: Crime Hotspots
  • WHEN: Wednesday,  May 15th 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
  • WHERE: North Austin  YMCA
  • WHY: In efforts to better help serve families and children of the Rundberg area, the READ Alliance wants to better understand the different dimensions of the “educational core” of the community.  We know all of our area schools form almost a “campus plan” for the area, but we also know there are many safety challenges that kids and families face.  Students from ACC’s GIS program, have looked at different physical and statistical dimensions of the area and used APD data to help map current areas of challenge.  Next Wednesday evening, students will present their findings and we can begin to see how the geography of the Rundberg educational core relates to current safety challenges. 



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