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The notes from last week’s public review of the plans for the new recreation center are available here: New Rec Center 2-8-2011 Mtg Notes
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The North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods (NACN) is planning a candidate forum in April 2011 to which the 3 City Council candidates will be invited. In order to have a productive meeting with the candidates, we would like to find out what concerns North Austin citizens have. Please take some time and complete the survey...
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Some of you may be interested in attending this Panel Discussion on Homelessness being presented at UT’s Visual Arts Center on February 25 (Friday), 6:00-7:00PM. Please note that three of the speakers, William Stringfellow, Khrysttey Bowick, and Rober Fytch are currently homeless. Mary, could you please forward this invitation to the NACN community?  Someone from...
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A board meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb 10 at 7 p.m. at Eleanor’s house. Call for directions. Please confirm attendance. Eleanor Langsdorf Cell: 301-520-9849 Home: 512-873-0480
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