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Take action and make a difference in your neighborhood! NACA has lots of ways to get involved! Reach out to our committee chairs to learn more. We also always love to hear your ideas for how to make our neighborhood an even greater place to live.

Upcoming Big Volunteer Opportunity – Spring Membership Drive!

What: Hand deliver membership flyers to homes in our neighborhood. Get some exercise and get involved in your community. You can bring your dog!
When: 1-2 hours, morning of Saturday, April 6
How to Participate: Contact John Green – [email protected]

Neighborhood Beautification Committee

Chair: Caro Dubois – [email protected]
Objective: To develop, implement, and support efforts that strive to improve the physical and aesthetic environment of NACA.

  • Regularly attend the monthly Street Clean-ups
  • Recruit volunteers to help with various beautification projects
  • Lead a park clean-up, gardening, or weeding event
  • Apply for a grant to beautify our community
  • Bring your own ideas for how to make our neighborhood a more beautiful place!

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month

Health, Safety, & Wellbeing Committee

Chair: Anna Tangredi – [email protected]
Objective: To ensure a safe, healthy, quality environment for all the residents of NACA.

  • Deliver Criminal Trespass Authorization forms to businesses
  • Host safety presentations
  • Bring your own ideas for how to make our neighborhood a safer, healthier place!

Time Commitment: 1-3 hours per month

Membership Recruitment & Engagement Committee

Chair: Brianna Duran – [email protected]
Objective: To identify and engage potential new members, as well as steward existing members, in the residential, business, and non-profit segments of our neighborhood.

  • Lead or participate in the spring door-to-door member recruitment campaign
  • Host a neighborhood social at a local restaurant, brewery, or park
  • Host a National Night Out event
  • Connect with new members to introduce them to NACA and opportunities to get involved
  • Contact businesses about becoming Business Members and/or Neighborhood Partners
  • Bring your own ideas for how to engage our neighbors in NACA!

Time Commitment: 1-4 hours per month

Outreach & Communications Committee

Chair: Melinda Schiera – [email protected]
Objective: To share NACA and community news and events, volunteer opportunities, and success stories with the neighborhood.

  • Manage the NACA Facebook page
  • Update the NACA website
  • Help organize monthly meetings by reaching out to presenters on relevant community issues
  • Write stories for the newsletter

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month

Voter & Civic Engagement Committee

Chair: Vacant – Contact Melinda Schiera to lead this committee!
Objective: To share opportunities to register to vote and learn more about ballot measures through information and discussions.

  • Become deputized as a voter registrar
  • Help plan a candidate forum

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month

Other ways to get involved

  • Attend monthly NACA meetings, suggest membership project ideas, and suggest presentations ideas for monthly meetings.
  • Support our local schools by attending their events, inviting their students and staff to attend our events, collaborate on community projects, volunteer to mentor, and more.
  • Participate in and/or support local community gardens at Lanier High School and the North Austin YMCA.
  • Place a NACA meeting sign in your yard before each NACA meeting to remind your neighbors and raise awareness about NACA. Contact Caro Dubois – [email protected]
  • Participate in the NXNA Garden & Art Tour to promote the arts and landscape of North Austin.
  • Coordinate team to investigate funding opportunities for Walnut Creek Library.
  • Partner with a local church or organization that assists low-income households.
  • Partner with the Settlement Home to help children in their foster home.
  • Volunteer to hold a Battery Oil Paint and Antifreeze collection and bring the items to Austin Resource Recovery.
  • Volunteer as a precinct chair if position is vacant.