October 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday October 20, 2005 Lanier High School Library 1201 Peyton Gin Rd

Greetings & Introductions (7:00pm). The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Linda Moore.


Linda announced that we have $10725.00 in the NACA bank account. NACA also made $327.00 at the NACA garage sale last month.

On Tuesday October 25th the City of Austin City Council will vote on a conditional permit for 1345 Neans Drive, which is currently a registered to provide child-care. They want to increase the number of children to twelve. The neighbors have expressed a concern about the increase in traffic that would result.

At the NACA board meeting in November there will be a vote to change the by-laws to allow for a 30-day delay from day when dues are paid and when you will be able to vote on issues at future board meetings.

Linda also announced that Commander Robert Gross, of the APD North Central Command, is retiring and Lieutenant Al Ells will be taking his place. Commander Gross made an excellent presentation for a bond package community center in the area.

Program: Code Enforcement

Keith Leach, Division Manager of Code Enforcement and Steve Ramirez, Assistant District Manager of Code Enforcement with the North District, gave the presentation.

The following are violations addressed with Code Enforcement:

Property Abatement: includes illegal dumping; tall weeds and grass; right of way maintenance; stagnant water, litter or brush piles, tree limbs which hanger lower than 14 feet; improper storage of garbage carts.

Dangerous Buildings and Housing: includes dangerous or substandard housing and substandard conditions in storage buildings and multi-family structures; fence and pool violations; fire damaged buildings; abandoned buildings. The goal is to have these locations secured and boarded.

Zoning Enforcement: involves mobile vending units; garage sales (no more than 2 per year);

Home occupation guidelines (operating a business at a residence) (example: auto repair or sales); transient camps; bandit signs which are posted on city property, easements, medians, sidewalks and parks

Most violations are Class C Misdemeanors.

APD still has the jurisdiction for loud music and to have abandoned or junked vehicles removed. Abandoned and Junk Vehicle violations can be reported to 280-0075. Abandoned vehicles are on the street. Junked vehicles are on private property; however, if the vehicle is not visible from the street (ex. In the backyard) it is in compliance.

Zoning Violations can be reported to 974-6576. Dangerous Buildings and Housing Violations can also be reported to 974-1855. No Dumping Signs can be acquired for problem areas. Weekend or evening inspections must be coordinated with City Code Enforcement Inspectors.

Other numbers to contact:

Anna Raya with the Neighborhood Assistance Program; 974-4324. Anna can address the Brush and Bulk Pickup Programs.

Chris Fowler with the Anti-Litter Program; 974-1965, Chris will also deal with dead animals and street sweeping.

In the future you will be able to call one number to report a violation or multiple violations. To report a violation, call 494-9400 extension 5. In December you will be able to dial 311 to report a violation. Inspectors will be able to deal with multiple violations.

Contact your City Councilman and let them know your desire for more code inspectors.

A Code enforcement workshop will be coordinated next year. Instruction on City Codes and how to deal with problem offenders will be discussed.

Next Meeting: Thursday November 17th at Lanier High School. A Potluck dinner will be served. Please bring a dish. Also, people are needed at 6:30pm to help setup.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.



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