Thursday May 18, 2006 Woolridge Elementary 1412 Norseman Terrace
Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Linda Moore. Announcements:
Brian LaCour stated that we have $9,767.31 in the NACA bank account. Allied/BFI funds total $6,130.60 which are utilized for beautification projects in the NACA area.
Kristin Harrison gave an update on code enforcement. Two trucks of rotten garbage was hauled away from a house on Cripple Creek. Steve Ramirez with City of Austin Code Enforcement spearheaded this effort.
Brain Almon gave an update on the next Heron Hollow cleanup which will occur on Saturday May 27th from 8:30am to 10:30am. Prizes will be offered.
The next NACA garage sale will occur on Saturday, June 17th from 8am to 1pm at Brian and Gina Almon’s house located on 9502 Stonebridge which is right next to the clock tower. Please bring any items that you would like to contribute to the sale.
Dale Cooper with APD gave an update on the latest phase of Operation Restore Hope which occurred on Saturday May 13th in which over 150 volunteers assisted. He said that the Grace of the Good Shepherd Church located at 8724 Putnam Drive will become a Community Center. A soccer field and community gardens will be set up.
Dale also gave an update on Code Enforcement; The transient camps have been removed from behind HEB. They are still working on the camp behind Golden Corral.
APD Street Response is back in force in the area. El Mundo is going to print the pictures of prostitutes and the johns who are arrested in sting operations.
August 1st is the APD National Night Out. Paperwork was distributed for the registering parties that are arranged.
Linda stated that Parkfield Plaza Partners is the new NACA business member.
Program: Ellen Boettcher, How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home
Ellen is a Professional Home Stager who can make your home look as attractive as possible when it is up for sale.
Think about “Curb Appeal” in a different way than some of the current TV shows that totally renovate the home.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a limited number of spaces which describe the house for sale in three lines which highlight the amenities. New exterior paint, new gutters, new roof, updated windows, mature trees, two year old landscaping are the preferred statements on a MLS.
People look at your home with a magnifying glass. The first thing people look for are for things that are out of place;
Ornamentation, personal items that people put in the front yard, diminish the curb appeal. Move the personal items to the back yard.
Does the house welcome you in? Are there obstructions? Go across the street and look at your house and notice things that need to be improved.
Curb appeal means that there is neatly trimmed and edged lawn; no weeds in landscaping beds; shaped trees that do not obstruct view of the home or overhang the roof; windows and screens must be clear; clean gutters and downspouts; clean light fixtures; updated exterior paint; roof and garage in good condition; clean walkway and porch; uncluttered exterior décor (not too many potted plants on the front porch)
Issues about paint colors:
Stay in a neutral color on the body of your house (extra colors can be used on front doors and on shutters). Go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up publications about different color schemes for the exterior of your home. Shades and hues are blended together. Paints are effected by light and shadows. The hardest way to pick colors is with color wheels. When selecting paint, put two samples in two different 3’ x 3’ areas before making a selection.
If homes on a street are in a different color, try to stay in a medium color.
Good quality storm doors should not detract from the curb appeal. Storm doors that look like aluminum screen doors do detract.
Shrubs should not cover the windows.
Nighttime appeal; too many lights are not recommended; only accent a feature with lights; security lighting is recommended.
Kitchens and bathrooms are the best areas inside the house to renovate to increase the value of your house. Install new tile and fiberglass. Caulking every year is recommended.
Next Meeting: June 15th at 7:00pm at Little Walnut Creek Library. Andy Pastor will give a discussion on The Domain retail center which will be located at Mopac and Braker Lane.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm

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