Thursday June 21, 2007 YMCA at Northpark
Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Anthony Williams. Announcements: Minutes from the May meeting were distributed and unanimously approved with one minor correction.
APD Officer Lee Davis gave an update on Operation Good Neighbor which targeted areas on a four streets including Galewood, Northgate, Colony Creek and Westloop. In this area there were 27 reported robberies during May. Since the inception of the operation there were five reported robberies. From June 4th to June 19th there were no robberies reported. The next area of focus is Rundberg Lane east of Lamar and west of IH 35. Toepperwein, Lanshire, North Meadows, Birdcreek and Fieldwood and streets that NACA would like to include in future operations.
A fashion show was held displaying items that were not sold from the last NACA yard sale.
Steps to a Healthier Austin gave a presentation. Justine Kaplan and Jean Niswonger discussed a grant opportunity for NACA. Funding is received from the CDC for projects that improve parks and environments that increase physical activity (walking or jogging etc). Five thousand dollars is currently available for the NACA area. The project must be completed by September 21st of 2007; however, there is some flexibility on postponing the completion date due to weather conditions etc. A list of possible improvement projects was distributed for people attending the meeting to rank their top three choices. Additional lighting at Quail Creek Park was mentioned as an additional project. These votes will be compiled to rank the final top three projects.
Once a project is selected volunteers will be needed to help construct then maintain the project.
Anthony discussed the APD National Night Out on Friday August 3, 2007 which will be coordinated with the Northcreek-Georgian Acres Neighborhood Association. This will occur from 7pm to 10pm between Rundberg Lane from North Lamar to IH 35. Come make a stand against criminal activity with your neighbors and APD.
Susie Milam requested new volunteers for the Clean Street Cleanup. Arnold Tucker is now helping delivering recyclable material to the Allied Waste Recycling facility. Arnold recommended that he would pick up recyclables from each NACA area (1-5). Areas two four and five are in need. Contact Eleanor or Susie to volunteer for being a drop of site in a designated NACA area.
Eleanor encouraged people to continue to call 311 for code violations (parking in the yard, home businesses, overgrown trees and yards).
Program: Goal Setting: Breaking the Success Barrier by Joe Musselli
Joe has provided consultations to individuals, small businesses, corporations and universities since 1974. He is a member of the American Management Association and represents Success Motivation International. Paul J Meyer founded the organization. Motivation involves moving forwards and towards an objective or goal.
Benefits of Goal Setting: Self discovery and Actualization.
There are six areas of life: financial and career; family and home; mental and educational; physical and health; social and cultural; spiritual and ethical.
Develop a personal success plan by brainstorming first. Start writing 20 to 30 things on what you want to achieve or what you want to become. Write anything down no matter how old or new an idea. Then start categorizing those goals to the six areas of life.
Paul Meyer developed five steps for a personal success plan: Develop a plan for achieving your goal and set a deadline; Develop a sincere desire for things you want; Develop supreme confidence; Develop a determination to follow through on your plan.
The following are built in skills, which are used in a percentage by everyone. Imagination is the workshop of the mind to see the unseen. Visualization is the ability to picture the goal. Affirmation is to say something positive which help keep us on course (personal, present tense, positive).
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

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