February 2008 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday February 21, 2008 Wooldridge Elementary 1412 Norseman Terrace

Greetings & Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Anthony Williams Announcements: The January meeting minutes were distributed and approved. NACA Dine Out Night starts a 5pm on Feb 25th at Shalamar and Andiamo restaurants. Concordia College is going to be locating an adult education facility in the North Austin area. The Walnut Creek library is reopening on Saturday February 23rd at 10am.

NACA has a website managed by Keith Huntsman. Flyers were distributed promoting the website and will be taken to the Library when it opens February 23.

A City of Austin Planning Commission meeting occurred last week about the property located at 10614 MacMora. The current zoning is SF1 for large single lot properties and large ranch style homes with livestock. The owner, Holly Armstrong, applied for a rezoning of SF6 which allows for two story residential units to be built. 15 apartment units are being planned 1200 square foot each. Ms. Armstrong wants to get the zoning changed first before she submits final plans. The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Feb 26th at 6pm at COA chambers to address this rezoning.

Joshua Tallent has lived in the MacMora neighborhood for three years. A petition was circulated and signed which will require 75% of the City Council to vote in favor of the rezoning to allow it to pass. Joshua suggests refining the NACA Neighborhood Plan so that it is less ambiguous.

Installation of public surveillance cameras at various criminal hot spots was discussed. Protests from ACLU have occurred. A meeting with District Criminal Justices is being discussed. If offenders are convicted for violations in our area, then they must complete community service in our area.

Allan Bowman lives on Slayton Drive and gave an update. He is attempting to complete the buy of the property that was a crackhouse.

The Sunday Mile Club will meet at 3pm on 1101 Mearns Meadow at Quail Creek Park. Stretching will occur first, then a one mile walk then one mile run. Each week Anthony will do a demonstration of one of the pieces of exercise.

Brian Burkle gave an update about the parking problem at Lanier High School which has resulted in overflow parking on Maine, New Hampshire and Fairfield. Brian is still waiting to hear from Asst City Manager Rudy Garza. Anthony has contacted campus police about this. Residents have placed traffic cones out to discourage parking.

Officer Lee Davis gave an update. He suggested that have APD come do a security survey on your property. He discussed crime prevention through environmental design. Psychological deterrents consist of a big doggy bowl with a few bites and put some large dirty work boots by the front door. Don’t be afraid to be rude if some stranger knocks at your door. Discourage donations. Check peoples’ credentials. Don’t be afraid to call 911 if you see a suspicious person in your neighborhood or if they are at your front door. When you answer the door yell out to give the impression that someone else is in the house.

Linda Moore is establishing a Nana Harrison Scholarship at Lanier High School in honor of Nana’s 16 years of President of the Georgian Acres Neighborhood Association. Donations can be made to Linda Moore by March of this year.

NACA residents who live within the Kramer, Lamar, Rutland and Metric boundaries will receive a letter and survey addressing traffic calming measures. [email protected] can be emailed about traffic issues in your neighborhood. A meeting will be held on March 4th at Cook Elementary at 7pm to discuss these issues.

Program: Private Sewer Laterals; Speaker: Steven Schrader, City of Austin Water Utility Collection Services Division

Steve is manager of the City of Austin wastewater collection system.

The sewer system consists of pipes in the street and connections which extend to the boundary of the property (sewer service line) then another line which extends from your property line to your residence (sewer private lateral). Property lines are typically ten feet from the street. Many private laterals are old and can be damaged by roots or digging.

Tests can be scheduled by calling 703-6635 if you have the residence cleanout pipe. Private cleanout pipes can usually be identified as a white round PVC pipe with a square nut in the middle extending from the ground.

If the lateral is damaged, backup will occur into the ground or into the residence. Rain may drain into the damaged lateral.

The COA has an emergency response program to deal with 972-1000 backup problems.

The private lateral program incorporates testing with an enforcement and financing program. COA passed an ordinance to require properties to fix their damaged laterals and to provide financing. This enforcement has not yet been implemented toward residences. Multi family and commercial properties are currently being enforced. Notifications will be issued. A repair must occur with 120 days. If property owners make an effort to repair the situation then an extension can be secured on getting the repairs completed.

Low interest loans available to owner occupied residences can be secured through Velocity Loans. They will provide loans with 2.9% interest. They will not be available to landlords. Loans will be available for repairs over $1,000.00 and up to $3,000.00. These loans may be repaid for up to 60 months.

The utility will also have a grant program for up to $3,000.00 to help pay for repairs. These grants are available for residents with 80% of the median income or less, which currently is about $45,000.00. The grant and loan program will not cover repairs to landscaping or driveways or things unrelated to the repair of the lateral. The COA is researching securing one plumber to provide the repair work that is secured through grants.

Smoke testing of laterals is an area wide way to locate leaks in main and private lines. Smoke is blown in the sewer. Smoke that comes out of the grass indicates a problem with the private lateral. If water drains very slowly, then that is an indication there might be a problem with your private lateral.

Free testing of lateral with video inspection is available if you have a private residence cleanout.

The current focus of the City of Austin’s efforts is on the older part of city in East Austin. The NACA area will not be smoke tested until two to five years.

Permits must be secured by the plumber or the resident owner. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.



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