NACA GENERAL MEETING Thursday June 19, 2008 Little Walnut Creek Library 835 W. Rundberg Lane
The meeting was called to order by Anthony Williams at 7:00pm
NACAN had a meeting with judges and district attorneys together about the stay away order on Rundberg. The judges and district attorneys supported this initiative. Offenders of this stay away order will be required to fulfill community service in the area where the offence occurred.
The May meeting minutes were distributed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the May minutes.
The amendment to item 8, page 20 of the NACA Neighborhood Plan rezoning case was discussed. The original text was short and did not state the particular zoning desired or the precise location the restriction would effect. Paul with the City of Austin discussed the process for this amendment being filed and adopted. City Code requires that any change to the Neighborhood Plan requires a meeting with the neighborhood to discuss. The change will go to the Planning Commission, then to City Council for approval.
Some residents stated that this area has already lost it’s “uniqueness” by the other residential development. Some were concerned that this amendment would reduce the profit made when selling their house. Joshua Tallent stated that this amendment will not prevent rezoning of property,
The four members of the NPCT present voted to approve of the amendment. A vote was taken among the people who attended the meeting. Votes in favor of the amendment totaled 26; 11 voted against the amendment.
Joshua Tallent was announced as NACA’s new representative with the Austin Neighborhoods Council.
Anthony discussed the Northeast Clinic off of Ed Bluestein Drive which provides medical services to low income people. They are considering buying property on Braker and Parkfield to build a medical and dental clinic. Walt Escobal discussed their plans. is the website for this program. The property must be rezoned from NO (Neighborhood Office) to GO (General Office which allows a structure up to 60 feet tall). This rezoning case will go to the COA Planning Commission.
Anthony requested help with the Rutland Beautification Project cleanup from Grouse Meadow to the westbound curve. He and another volunteer have been going out on Friday mornings but it is not enough.
Meeting: City of Austin’s Climate Protection Plan: Speaker, Charles Porter
A proposed COA ordinance is pending which addresses retrofits of single family homes designed to improve energy efficiency.
Charles is a member of a task force. He is an advocate of this being a voluntary program. The current wording involves mandates and penalties. Charles is in favor of tax rebates or low interest loans. Charles recommends having an energy audit performed before you sell a house and provide that in the full disclosure to the potential buyer. Failure in disclosure of defects to a house you’re selling can result in being sued. The COA currently has rebate programs for air conditioners, refrigerators and toilets.
There will many exemptions to this rule. The list of exemptions has not been compiled.
The current cap is that the owner will not have to spend more than one percent of the sale price on improvements. is the website to get more information on fighting this ordinance.
The task force may not be finished until July and a vote presented to the City Council during August.
Randy Shade is against a point of sale ordinance.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

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