NACA GENERAL MEETING Thursday August 21, 2008 Little Walnut Creek Library 835 W. Rundberg Lane
The meeting was called to order by Anthony Williams at 7:00pm
The June meeting minutes were distributed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes.
There was an open floor discussion on the proposed North Austin Community Health Center. Anthony apologized for the column he wrote on the Health Center in the August newsletter.
Larry Wallace, Christie Garby and Trish Young spoke on behalf of the Health Center. They addressed several issues.
First, the district collects funds to provide health services for those who have difficulty accessing health care. They serve Medicaid or Medicare eligible patients. General healthcare services are provided.
An origination study concluded that 60% of the patients going to the Ed Bluestein site were from this North Austin area. The Braker lane site was determined as the best available lot.
Currently the property is zoned as NO (neighborhood office) in which buildings cannot exceed 35 feet in height. They would like the zoning changed to LO or Limited Office which does not differ from that much from NO.
Linda Messier spoke against the project. She is with the Gracy Woods Neighborhood Association.
She would like to see the process restarted since neighbors were not contacted. Issues not addressed concerning services provided and possibility of other clinics available. There are concerns about pedestrian traffic. This property will be tax exempt if the Health District secures the property. She claims the demographics have been skewed by zip code.
Traffic and location for trash pickup were also concerns. The zoning is going to case on Sept 16th with the Planning Commission.
A traffic study is being commissioned by the Travis County Health Center. They do not think that they will reach 2000 trips every day.
A vote was taken among the current paid NACA members. 16 votes were cast in favor of the health center; 13 against.
Linda stated we need help in contacting advertisers for the NACA newsletter. If you are interested, please contact [email protected]
Brian Almon also discussed some incomplete action items in the NACA Neighborhood Plan. A survey was distributed to determine what are the high priority issues with the plan.
The newsletter drive was deemed as successful. Brian LaCour stated the response was enormous. We raised over 700 in new memberships and donations. We will now will be able to print and distribute four newsletters that we would have not previously been able to.
There was discussion about a “boarding house” located at Galewood Lane. This location must be licensed to be able to do so. They are collecting rent and do not have the appropriate permits.
Meeting: Code Enforcement; Speaker, Steve Ramirez with COA Code Enforcement
It has been three years since the reorganization of the Code Enforcement Department. He discussed various types of code enforcement.
Property abatement infractions include trash brush piles illegal dumping. Dial 311 when you report a violation. First offense is a warning notice. Second offense is fines up to 2k. If owners do not comply, contractors will be hired by the city to clean up the mess. If owner does not pay, a lien can be levied on their property.
Zoning enforcement violations include operating a business out of a home including adult businesses. You can’t have a structure within 5 feet of your fence. You can’t have a fence over 6 feet without a permit. You can’t have signs placed on the right of way.
Dangerous house and buildings include vacant structures with structural deterioration,
Abandoned and junk vehicles are removed by the Austin Police Department.
Officer Mike Young stated to you may contact Kay Vargas at 974-5722 to help expedite enforcement of a repeat offender. Call 311 first. Mike stated that a car must be inoperable before it can be seized as a violation from the parking
violation. If the tires are flat, missing a steering wheel or used for storage then it can be seized for violation.
There has been some debate over code violations and the property rights of the individual.
If a building is abandoned, the case goes before the Building Standards Committee to determine if that structure can be salvaged or if it needs to be demolished.
Francis Hargrove is the manager of the 311 staff. There was some concern about the knowledge of the 311 staff as to who is responsible for reconciling the complaint. 974-8119 is the number to contact the abandoned vehicles unit. Anthony suggested that we contact our City Council people to raise the fine on the parking ordinance from $25.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

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