September 2008 Meeting Minutes
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NACA GENERAL MEETING Thursday September 18, 2008 Wooldridge Elementary Norseman Terrace

The meeting was called to order by Anthony Williams at 7:00pm


Anthony discussed revitalizing the raised garden beds at Hunters Trace and Payton Gin. Allied Waste beautification funds have been approved by the Board of Directors to plant new Texas native plants in two of the three beds located on Payton Gin. This includes watering and bed maintenance.

A resident, Nathalie Cappione, offered help in translating our meetings and newsletters in Spanish.

Anthony discussed two distressed properties; one is the area next to the car wash located at Rutland and Parkfield. The fence that is the boundary between the carwash and apartment complex needs to be refurbished.

On October 4th, there will be a live band for the No Crime Night. There will be a largest protest sign contest. The event starts at 6pm.

September 24th, the Building and Standards Commission is holding a hearing at 6:30pm, on the 2nd floor of City Hall, regarding the nuisance and lodging situation. Residents will have three minutes to speak.

Michael Abramov stated the Northcreek/Georgian Acres Neighborhood Association is in a state of flux. Go to [email protected] to report any suspicious activity that occurs in this area.

Health Clinic update: The zoning vote has been postponed to November 4th.

Meeting: North Austin Recreation Center Update; Stuart Strong, Austin Parks and Recreation Department

Mark Schrubin was hired as the consultant for the project. Studio 8 is the architectural firm for the project. Robert Burns with Studio 8 is the project manager. Jennifer Carter heads up the interior design department. Megan Mosher is an interior designer.

The site is west of HEB and north of Rundberg and south of Rutland. The square footage of the building will be budget driven. It is estimated at 18,000 feet.

The building, design cost and surveying are covered by the budget.

A series of meetings will be held with the neighborhood to find out what they want in the community center. The addition of a gym is a significant feature to be considered. There is a Hoop Zone on Rutland and a YMCA in the immediate area; therefore, this might preclude the need for a gym in the recreation center. A playground is also another feature to consider. Stuart asked that NACA develop a Park Design Committee as soon as possible.

Once the City of Austin Permit is secured for this building, then bids will be sent out. The City Council of Austin will approve the company to construct the facility.

Two years is the average time to complete construction of the center.

Bob Baker expressed a concern over building the parking lot in the floodplain. The city also regulates the type and number of trees removed. City code requires a certain amount of parking in relation to the square footage.

Anthony stated that transients will be cited if they loiter or beg on the property of the recreation center. If the transients loiter on the sidewalks then that is public domain and cannot be cited. Stuart said they work with Park Police and APD to deal with the transient issue. Transients will be allowed on the property; however, their behavior will be the issue. He also stated that transients typically do not like to reside in areas that are well lit and with a lot of people congregating.

If you want to hold a meeting at the Community Center you must notify the City of Austin and they will make arrangements to reserve space for the event or meeting to be held. There is a fee schedule for private rental for a room. Revenue contracts can be established for events.

Stuart said that the hours of operation still need to be determined based on community input.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.



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