Thursday February 19, 2009 Little Walnut Creek Library 835 W. Rundberg Lane
The meeting was called to order by Eleanor Langsdorf at 7:03pm
Eleanor asked for volunteers for Vice President. Vice President duties are primarily to find speakers for meetings and to preside over general meetings when the President is not able.
The January meeting minutes were distributed and reviewed. One correction was noted: Barry to Brian Woltag. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes.
There is currently $15,164.17 in the NACA bank account of which $10,387.47 is for beautification projects.
Terry Laborde addressed noise issues at the Crockett Center. A residential noise ordinance states that noise can’t exceed 75 decibels after 10pm. Terry lives 300 yards from the Crocket Center and has been disturbed at night from music from the center. APD Officer Lee Davis stated the sound meter has not reached 75 db at the Crockett Center. The Crockett Center was grandfathered for the current zoning which allows up to 85db. Lee suggested an Acoustics Engineer to investigate the situation. The owner has offered hotel rooms for those affected. The owner has offered to meet with the neighborhood. Terry also discussed the problem of cars playing loud music.
Noise from Cross Creek Apartments is an issue. APD policy is to make contact the first time. First time calls are being noted but not issued a citation. On the second visit, is when a citation is issued. Noise calls are 911 calls.
Gina Almon discussed parking on lawns. Gina asks for Beautification funds to be utilized for developing flyers to address the City Code violation. The ordinance is on the NACA website. Joshua suggested having it formatted on the NACA website so it can be printed from home.
[email protected] is the email address for the Georgian Creek neighborhood association.
Code Violation and enforcement will be researched by NACA members. Eleanor suggested being persistent calling 311. You can remain anonymous. Call the Fire Department for hanging shoes on wires.
Program: Landscaping with Fruits and Vegetables; Speaker: Robert Gardener, Austin Permaculture Guild
Permaculture is a contraction of permanent agriculture and allows one to learn how to set up beneficial relationships.
Permaculture includes ventilation of the house. Typical homes are designed for air conditioning and not for air to be circulated in and out.
Plants should be installed on the side of the house that receives the evening sun. Install rain barrels.
Locating a barbecue grill in the front yard helps produce neighborhood involvement.
Composting is a vital part of Permaculture. 10-15% of landfills are composed of vegetative waste that could be composted. Composting can be done for free. Components for establishing a compost pile can be attained through Craigslist.
Vermacompost can be established in the kitchen by putting kitchen scraps in a metal container with Red Wriggler or Manure worms. Worms can be expensive when bought on line.
Israel Carberry with Earth’s Outlet, a full sale distribution company, spoke about organic gardening. Austin Go Green Program will list the products with chemicals.
Composting converts organic material that a plant can’t use into something it can use. The natural way is for microbes to feed the root system. Microbes convert organic material into minerals which plant life can utilize. Making compost from fruits and vegetables that are not organic is not a problem. He suggests washing all vegetables first. Most soils around Austin are a 7ph. Coffee grounds lowers ph. You Tube channels Garden Girl TV and Cooking up a Story are two good sites to get info.
Gardening products with “Keep out of reach of children” on the label should be avoided. Source material is something to consider. Shake test the material. What floats is bag and what settles is dirt. is a website for more information on Permaculture. The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm.

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