November 2009 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday November 19, 2009 Little Walnut Creek Library 835 W. Rundberg Lane

Joshua Tallent called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.


The October meeting minutes were distributed and approved.

Brian LaCour stated that at the end of October the balance in the NACA bank account was $2,407.46 for general funds and operating expenses and $10,281.77 for beautification projects. Brian stated that $345.00 was raised from the holiday garage sale at Linda Moore’s house.

Joshua and Keith Huntsman discussed the new NACA website. is the new website address. People can submit information or articles to be posted on the website. [email protected] is the address for submitting information on local meetings. Please give notifications a week or more in advance.

Discussion boards on the website will be available. Code enforcement, upcoming events, status of the Community Center, youth topics, potential meeting speakers and crime reports were suggested as new discussion boards.

To register to NACA website, log on the website, click on discussion groups and click on “register”.

Joshua discussed the poll taken last meeting concerning the YMCA managing the new community center. 46 voted in favor and 50 voted against. These poll results were sent to the City Council. The final decision is still up to the City Council.

Martha Dempsey discussed forming a committee to manage and apply for grants to pursue funds for current and future NACA initiatives including funding for the community center and for the NACA newsletter. This committee must be approved by the NACA board. The structure would be five staff and volunteers. One of the staff would be an experienced writer and administer of grants. Another would be a liaison with the private and public sector. Proof reading; gathering of statistics; tracking of different submissions; and a fiscal and independent auditor is needed. Volunteers could help secure testimonies, collecting event material and coordinating media coverage. A copy of this proposal is available. She requested that the NACA Board of Directors to vote on establishment of this committee. Martha made a motion for the NACA Board to consider the proposals for creating this grant committee and reporting to the general NACA membership.

Brian asked if the five staff positions would be salary positions. Martha stated that grant funds would pay for the efforts of the five staff positions and not come from NACA funds.

Linda Moore asked to put a list of names in the January NACA newsletter on nominees for 2010 NACA Board of Directors. A three or four person committee is requested.

Joshua stated that it will be another six weeks until the traffic calming measures will be implemented.

General Meeting: Code Enforcement; Speaker, Wes Buckner with the City of Austin

Wes is a Code Enforcement supervisor with the COA. Mario Ruiz also assisted in the presentation.

The Work Without Permit Program was established in 2006.

Types of home improvement work that requires a city permit. Self home improvement can be done without a permit unless it involves electrical, gas or water heater service or air conditioner work.

Type of home improvement that do not require a permit include: constructiong a one story detached building no greater than 200 square feet; fences not over 6 feet; retaining walls less than 4 feet.

Plumbing permits are required for new irrigation systems and replacing service lines. Exemptions from plumbing permits include stoppage of leaks and cleaning of stoppages.

Electrical permits are required for adding new wiring; adding or replacing circuits. Electrical exemptions include replacement of lamps.

Mechanical permits include installation of new systems; replacement of existing systems; replacement or installation with more than three duct runs. Exemptions include replacement of a single component or system; replacement of less than three duct runs and replacement of vents.

The Work Without Permit (WWOP) team investigates complaints from citizens and other city departments. They also look for work being done without permits. Call 311 to report a complaint. Complaints are assigned to an inspector and an investigation is scheduled.

If WWOP is verified a stop work order is posted at the site; photos are taken and a citation or warning is issued. A timeframe of seven days for residents to comply and 14 days for a commercial property to comply.

Homeowners, contractors and tradesman, property managers and agents are responsible for securing a permit.

Plumbers, irrigators, mechanical contractors and electricians must be licensed to perform work. Plumbers should secure the permits for home owners.

Permits can be secured at 505 Barton Springs Road on the first floor at the Development Assistance Center or at the Residential Intake. Permits can be as low as $25.00 or greater depending on the type of work being done.

Concrete work does not require a permit if the concrete is not over 30 inches and does not exceed 45% impervious cover.

Replacing a broken window does not require a permit. Installing a new window does require one. Replacing electrical lights inside the house does not require a permit.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.



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