Thursday March 18, 2010 Little Walnut Creek Library
Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.
The February meeting minutes were distributed and approved with the future correction on the amount of BFI/Allied beautification funds.
Brian LaCour stated that we have $3,442.60 in the NACA general fund and $10,748.59 is devoted for beautification funds. We currently have 85 members.
Randy Teich gave an update on the website. Christopher Overholt and John Hastings have assisted with the webmaster duties. They are looking for suggestions for addition to the website. Bylaws are on the website. Membership dues can be paid online via Paypal or credit card.
The Calendar has just been developed. Email addresses will be posted on the site so you can send information that can be added to the website. The webmaster email needs to be updated on the website.
Martha Dempsey suggested that the membership form could be completed on line and the data captured; especially those who want to volunteer. Christopher stated that the website will eventually have this capability. Brian suggested that a sign with the NACA web address be posted at one of the neighborhood entrances. This could help with advertising and informing residents that they live in a neighborhood association.
When you are looking at news, they are actually blog posts. The authors can be listed on the website.
Doris Williams spoke about developments with the Austin Neighborhood Council made up of 92 neighborhoods and their reps. All reps were tasked with getting a vote on a resolution. This resolution can be posted on the website in the future. The resolution is to vote on APD to adopt a stricter preservation of life standard in reference to the use of arbitrary excessive force against people that is modeled after the Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles standards. We agreed to get more information on differences in the current APD policy and the new standard.
Please complete your US Census form on April 1st and return as instructed.
There is a county initiative to register voters between the age of 18 and 25. If you are interested in helping register voters, contact Eleanor Langsdorf or Gina Almon.
The next street cleanup is April 10th beginning at 8:30am. Meet at the Brethren Church located at 1700 Payton Gin.
Eleanor stated a meeting will be held next Tuesday at City Hall with PARD that will make the suggestion for the COA to partner with YMCA in reference to operating the neighborhood community center.
General Meeting: Speaker; Ora Houston with Imagine Austin: Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Austin
Ora is a member on the Comp Austin Advisory Committee. 30 members have been meeting since October on the second Tuesday of the month. Public meetings are held at Texas Center at 5:30pm. The COA authorized their establishment back in September. In November, six community forums were held. The survey is the first part of developing a comprehensive plan and vision. How do we balance diversity and density? The role is to condense the information and put it in a format that is understandable to the citizens. Their role is not in proposing solutions. They are working in conjunction with the COA Planning Committee.
The 1928 comprehensive plan stated that black people had to move to the east side of Austin.
The first phase is to develop a mission statement after the surveys are completed and returned. First question is what makes Austin great. The second question is what problems need to be addressed. The third question is how can Austin be improved. All comments are posted online at and
Some core values needs have been developed. We want a safe Austin. We want an educated, fiscally responsible, healthy, engaged, affordable and a green Austin. Effective transportation is also being addressed.
The Vision Statement has been established and distributed via email.
Surprising outcomes of the surveys so far include the first priority is the quality of public schools. Affordable tax and housing breaks were next. Transportation including toll roads and street cars were less of a priority.
This is a two and half year process and results will be distributed online before the next election. What the City Council does with their information at the end of this period is a concern.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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