May 2010 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday May 20, 2010 Little Walnut Creek Library

Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


The March and April meeting minutes were distributed and approved with a minor correction.

Brian LaCour stated that we have $10,898.21 in beautification funds and $1,653.70 in general operating funds.

Brian Almon gave an update on Heron Hollow. At the April meeting, Robert Syvarth received over $100 in donations for building the chimney swift tower at Heron Hollow. The foundation of the tower will be built on June 6th. The tower will be finished on June 12th.

Ellen gave an update on Ron Rigsby Park. The Hyzak family donated stone boundaries for the raised bed garden. Over $2,000.00 in cash and in kind donations has been raised. Over 230 hours of volunteer work have been accumulated. The total community contribution is over $4,600.00. An engineering plan for the wter source has been approved by the City of Austin. Bids will be solicited from those who work with water utilities Graffiti on the park benches has been a problem. Please call 911 if you see suspicious activity in the park. Cameras have been donated but a monitoring system needs to be established.

Susie Milam provided information about meetings that CapMetro is holding to get citizen input on how to structure its budget. One will be held on Thursday June 3rd at Little Walnut Creek Library from 6- 8pm.

Ann Teich discussed the recent North Austin Coalition of Neighborhood meeting. NACN is planning on starting an initiative to encourage voting from the Hispanic population. On June 16th a training session will be held for landlords in the area.

Joshua Tallent has officially resigned as the Vice President. Ann Teich has volunteered to become Vice President. In the next newsletter, we will ask for other candidates to run for Vice President.

Lloyd Langsdorf stated that he was informed that the COA Parks and Recreation is almost broke and that if we want this done, we must work with the YMCA. Linda Moore recommended that we not continue to oppose the city partnering with the YMCA, to avoid further delay of construction of the facility.

Randy Teich said weekly updates are being done on the NACA website. You can apply for weekly email updates that are made on the website. The web address is [email protected] is the web email address to make suggestions or announcements.

FelipeTrimino with Lanier High School spoke about initiatives at Lanier to educate the public on truancy

and curfew laws. He would also like to be a point of contact with NACA and work together with NACA on any community projects. Felipe works with parents of students at Lanier.

General Meeting: Speaker; Linda Addicks Kokemor, Executive Director, The Settlement Home

Settlement House was established in 1916 as a daycare but eventually became an orphanage. In 1967 they bought property on Payton Gin. In 1970 they decided to work with the more difficult kids with behavior, neglect and abuse issues.

The current population includes girls at the residential home on Payton Gin and both boys and girls in the foster homes located elsewhere. They are licensed for ages seven to twenty two. They currently offer high school education and therapeutic homes. Foster family and adoption programs are available. There are 85 staff members that offer 24 hour care. In any year more than 100 children come to Settlement House. On average, children stay eight months in the residential units and another eight months involved in programs.

A group home is located on Colony Creek for those who are 18 or above.

Settlement House is a 501-C3 non-profit organization and applies for grants and other government funding. Every year they hold a garage sale. They accept donations at their gym and can provide pick up for items. Donated items are taken to Palmer Auditorium in November for a sale.

An expansion is being proposed; however, there is a creek adjacent to the property in the flood plain. Flood maps have been redrawn and the expansion area is not in the100 year flood zone. Two buildings will be constructed. One will be for girls in college. The other building will be a gathering room for the foster parents. A kitchen will be available. Linda offered to allow NACA to hold their monthly meetings there. Estimated completion of construction will be middle of 2011.

Volunteer opportunities are available. Prospective volunteers are subject to drug testing and a background criminal and driving record review.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 pm.



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