North Austin: City Budget – Give Online Feedback
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The city is giving people a chance to provide online feedback on the City Budget here:

Quick reminder! The second Comprehensive Survey closes on June 30th. Please help us get out the word this month and tell the City that North Austin wants a say in this Survey:

NOTE: This is a very short survey and the ONLY place to give feedback is on the first page of the survey. Make sure you leave some feedback on the first page – there is a box for extra notes!

more info on the Comprehensive Plan is here:

Steven Zettner from Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin also sent us the following information which we wanted to make you aware of, including the results for the 78757 and 78758 for the Mobility survey:

Tues 6/15 – SN to Hold Comp Planning “Meeting in a Box”

Sustainable Neighborhoods will hold a meeting on Tuesday, June 15, to provide formal feedback on the City’s Comprehensive Planning process. Participants will provide feedback on the draft vision statement, and on where and under what circumstances new housing is appropriate.

Please RSVP if you want to attend the meeting, so we have the right number of forms.

The meeting is 6:30 to 8:00 PM at the Village Christian Apartments activity room, 7925 Rockwood Ln.

Ask the City to Make the Comp Plan Vision More Friendly for Pedestrians, Children, Seniors, Disabled

Whether you attended a Comp Planning meeting or not, you can influence the Comp Planning vision statement by submitting a survey here:

We’re asking people to suggest changes to statement L6 on new development. Change “walkable” to “pedestrian-friendly,” and state emphatically the need for development near neighborhoods to be friendly to families with children, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Since many people don’t see the Downtown “day and nighttime urban lifestyle” described in L4 as family-friendly, we’re suggesting that the term “urban lifestyle” be removed from L6 to avoid confusion.

Thu 6/17 – Public Forum to Review Transportation Gap Priorities

The City of Austin Transportation Department will hold a public forum from 4 to 8 PM, Thursday 6/17 in Council chambers to gather feedback on a draft list of prioritized mobility projects. The list with any changes will then be presented to Council.

SN has requested more detail on the priority scores assigned to each project so that we can more effectively defend the need for the following projects:

1. #2344 Airport Blvd improvements – ranked 14 with score of 81.88
2. #881 Burnet Rd Sidewalks – ranked 37 with score of 72.73
3. #1735 Rails with Trails – currently ranked 51 with score of 67.67. Emphasize need to acquire easement along track between Lamar and Morrow. Increase score to reflect Crestview Station as an activity center.
4. #295 Anderson Urban Trail – currently ranked 187 with score of 53.38. This project, supported by NSCNA and area property owners, is comparable with other projects that got a much higher score, and deserves to be reevaluated for implementability, support of modes, and location in an activity center.
5. #623 MetroRapid Transit Plazas. This item was removed from the list but deserves to be reinstated. SN met with the Transportation Department to propose a “first step” project that would add more depth from the street for MetroRapid bus shelters. Staff agreed with the need for this and we hope to get the project reinstated.
6. #226 Lamar Sidewalks Koenig to Justin. This item was removed from the list but deserves to be reinstated with a score roughly comparable to #881.

We hope you will come out and speak in favor of these projects, or send a supporting email to [email protected] You can also contact [email protected] for advice on supporting other North Central Austin projects, or attend the SN meeting on Tuesday 6 2-minute Transportation Survey Results for 78757, 78758 released to Sustainable Neighborhoods the results of a 2-minute Transportation Survey taken in May, for respondents from 78757 and 78758. 78757 is centered around Burnet at Anderson, and 78758 is north of 183 between Burnet and Lamar. The survey is not scientific, but gives some indication of transportation priorities from residents in North Central Austin.

People were asked to allocate $100 across four types of projects, or “Other”. Average funds allocated per respondent are as follows:

Regionally significant projects

78757 $31

78758 $33

Central Austin, focus on sidewalks, bike paths, transit

78757 $37

78758 $22

Suburban Austin, focus on Express buses, Park and Rides, HOV lanes

78757 $17

78758 $28

“Complete Streets” projects on major corridors

78757 $32

78758 $30

Other projects

78757 $36

78758 $33

Among 23 responses in the “Other” category in 78757, 14 were for improvements to sidewalk, bike or transit infrastructure, 5 were for improvements to road infrastructure, 2 were mixed, and 2 were against bonds.

Among 19 responses in the “Other” category in 78758, 8 were for improvements to sidewalk, bike or transit infrastructure, 6 were for improvements to road infrastructure, and 5 were mixed or other.

A total of 108 people responded from 78757, of whom 56% were female and 57% aged 45 or older. A total of 91 people responded from 78758, of whom 57% were female and 65% aged 45 or older.

For more on the survey, visit



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