North Austin Community Recreation Facility
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On July 27, 2010 Sara Hensley and PARD will present and request approval to execute agreements between PARD and YMCA to build, equip, and operate the City of Austin/YMCA North Austin Community Recreation Facility (that is the name proposed for the facility). A draft of the proposal can be found at the Land, Facilities and Programs subcommittee of the Parks and Recreation commission page on the city website. It is on the July 12 page under backup.

Citizens are free to comment on any part of the agreement. Personally, I know that this agreement is going to be passed by the commission but should make as certain as I can that concerns and issues I may have are addressed. I don’t know where the item will be on Tuesday’s agenda.

After the parks commission acts, YMCA of Austin, Board of Directors, will be presented with and requested to approve the agreement on July 29, 2010. Finally the same agreement will be presented to the city council on July 29, 2010

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the following is a response I sent to someone else but that I think may be of interest to others who have worked on the rec center in any way.

Information from power point materials to be presented to commission on July 27

Benefits of partnership
construct larger facility with more amenities
leveraging of community resources
minimum of 10% of building accessible to general public
faciltiy staffed and maintained by Y
rates/programs similar to Gus Garcia Recreation center for youth sports, after school, and senior programs
normal facility maintenance by Y
a savings to COA of $13 million over 20 years in opeation an maintenance of facility

Parnership Documents

City and Y staffs met to negotiate Development Agreement that includes:
concept plan
project budget
operations agreement
uses exhibit
insurance and bond requirements
milestone delivrables

Development Agreement
City authorizes Y to design, construct and manage North Austin Community Recreation center (NACRC) Est. project cost $10.4 m
city to contribute up to $8.9 million towards construciton and internal project expenses
Y to contribute $1.5 million for design, project management and finish out costs
y agrees to fund any cost overruns
Y must demonstrate that it has sufficient funds to complete project
City shall reimburse Y for construction expenses
City and Y shal eahc have 3 members on 6 member design committee
y must complete construction 24 months after construciton begins
Y shal be lead project manager
City shall have project manager from Public Works assigned to monitor project for compliance to city regulations. Parks design division shall also assist in project oversight
Y shall pay for design, consulting and testing fees
Operations Agreement
Upon construciton completion, city grants Y 20 year right to operate and manage the NACRF
Y shall be responsible for all programming, security and staffing
Y shall be responsible for all maintenance and operation expenses for the constructed building and adjacent impovements, inlcuding utilities
city shall be responsible for all structural repairs an dadjacent parkland not used by Y.
Uses Exhibit
annual program summary that establishes rates and programs, approved by Director (I assume this means PARD director – need to confirm
open to all
no one is truned away due to inabilty to pay
outdoor and indoor areas where no membership is required
open 100 hours a week
communty participation in paid programs without requiring Y membership.

The above information is from a power point presentation to be given to PARD commission on Tuesday, July 27 by Gilbert Hernandez (I assume). He made a presentation on July 12 to Land, Facilities and Programs subcommittee which approved pursuit of aa”Agreement for Development and Construction of new recreation facility for public use funded in part wiht bond funds”. This is a 25 page draft document which details (as far as I can tell) what is entailed in the agreement between COA and YMCA.

The draft agreement can be found on the city website by searching the agenda of the PARD commission and choosing the July 12 agenda for Land, Facilities and Programs and selecting backup.
Eleanor Langsdorf

cell 301-520-9849
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