Thursday September 16, 2010 Little Walnut Creek Library
Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.
The August meeting minutes were distributed and approved.
Jennifer LeBaron with the Wastewater Construction Project is compiling a database to notify property owners and communities of the North Austin Wastewater Overflow Abatement Project. This project will repair or replace concrete wastewater lines in the area. They are anticipating issuing a Notice to Proceed in November with a goal of completion in 120 days.
Brian LaCour stated that NACA has $8,171.58 in beautification funds and $2,939.95 in general operating funds. NACA membership is currently just over 150. $5,000.00 of the beautification funds is earmarked for matching funds for the Quail Creek Park Trail renovation.
Ms. Martin gave an update on Ron Rigsby Park. There is $135.00 in funds remaining from the project. This will be utilized to buy another red bud tree. They are looking for volunteers for pulling weeds on a periodic basis. PARD is providing paint and cups for painting over the graffiti on the park benches.
Ann Teich spoke about the voter registration drive at back to school nights. She is advocating neighbors to visit the homes on their street to encourage voter registration and participation.
Mrs. Mays attended the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods on Sept 15th. CLASP (Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership) is a non partisan group dedicated to encouraging and sustaining a county wide network of Neighborhood Watch leaders. Crime Prevention and Safety tips were distributed and discussed. and are websites where you can look up crimes that have been committed in your neighborhood. Copies of notification flyers were distributed. Flyers in Spanish are available on the website;
Susie Milam spoke about the street cleanups in the area done nine times in the year. These cleanups are done of the second Saturday of the month. October 9th, they will meet in front of Lanier High School and clean up Peyton Gin.
Linda Moore stated that at the next general meeting, the NACA newsletter walkers will be honored.
Brian Almon stated Capital Metro is considering changing the 240 Route which would eliminate everything from Rutland to Kramer. Contact Capital Metro at if you have a concern.
General Meeting: Speaker; Mr. James Fink, the CEO YMCA, Update on North Austin Recreation Center
The contracts have been signed with the City of Austin and YMCA. A Design Committee has been established. Susan Benz is the Project Manager. In the later part of September, the Art in Public Places will design the concept and vision for the center. Randy Teich will be the NACA representative on the Design Committee. Two review committees will be established. A 30-
40,000 sq foot facility is projected to be built. The Architect contract should be signed in September. July or August 2012 is the current anticipated completion date..
Amenities at the center include meeting rooms, computer room, basketball court, swimming pool, childcare, yoga classes and a work out room. Hours of operation will be similar to existing YMCAs. The old YMCA on Rutland will be closed once the new recreation center is operational.
The COA will not be responsible for any operating costs. YMCA will cover the operating costs to an estimated $350,000 per year. A 20 year contract was signed between the YMCA and the City of Austin. The City of Austin can terminate this agreement at any time due to lack of performance.
One concern expressed will be the increased traffic on Rutland and Rundberg.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 pm.

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