The agenda for the September NACA meeting are as follows:
North Austin Civic Association

Neighborhood Association

Post Office Box 180803
Austin, Texas
Agenda September 16, 2010
7:00  Welcome and introductions
7:05  Approval of minutes – Matthew Myers
7:10  Update on finances – Brian LaCour
7:15  Update on Ron Rigsby Park – Ellen Martin
7:20  Report on voter registration at Lanier High School – Ann Teich
7:25  Update on wastewater line construction –  Jennifer LeBaron
7:40  Update on North Austin Community Recreation Center – Gilbert Hernandez
8:20  Update on ANC business – Doris Williams
8:30  Update on NACN business
8:40 .Other updates from members
8:45  Closure of meeting – please help put chairs and tables back in storage locations
8:55  Everyone out of the library

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