Thursday November 18, 2010 Little Walnut Creek Library
Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:04pm.
The October meeting minutes were distributed and approved.
Brian LaCour stated that NACA has a total of $10,240.33 in the bank account, of which, $8,453.78 is designated for beautification funds and $1,786.55 in general operating funds. NACA membership is currently 156. $5,000.00 of the beautification funds is earmarked for matching funds for the Quail Creek Park Trail renovation.
Susie mentioned that this week is homeless and hunger awareness week. There are 34 local organizations that coordinated and promoted this event.
Doris the ANC rep for NACA stated that the comprehensive plan was suspended. Doris has been elected as Secretary for ANC and will be resigning as the NACA rep for ANC.
Ann Teich is organizing some events for Spring 2011 to help educate people about voting and government issues. A survey will be distributed to residents to rank the most important issues in the area.
Susie, there will not be a street cleanup in December. At the January street cleanup, volunteers will be treated to breakfast at Rita’s after the cleanup.
Linda requested volunteers for the Nominating Committee for the 2011 NACA Board of Directors.
Eleanor stated that the APD districts are being redrawn. NACA will now be in Edwards Sector instead of IDA Sector. NACA will get four new District Reprentatives who will have to be debriefed. Steve Baker will be the new patrol commander. Commander Crochet will replace Commander Ogletree. Officer Lee Davis will no longer serve the NACA area.
Randy is still looking for a volunteer for the Artist Advisory Committee for the community center. He did get student volunteers from Lanier to participate on the committee.
General Meeting: Speaker; Katherine Ryan, Principal, Lanier High School:
Kathy has been principal for three years. She worked with former principal Mr. Oropez in the Rio Grande valley at school districts.
Lanier was initially in a rural area. They are currently classified as an inner city school. The current student population is the most diverse; last year there were 50 nationalities represented. Students from Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia attend Lanier.
During the cafeteria renovation, they try to give it a mall setup. The students were not initially impressed with the renovation plans. There was nothing included that represented their different nationalities. They agreed to put famous world figures on the cafeteria walls.
Challenges include improving on the TAKS tests.
A weeklong camp on school classes, activities and study skills was held last summer in which new students and parents were invited.
Lanier students graduate with more certificates (Cosmetology, Phlebotomy, etc) than most other schools. Lanier is only one of two campuses with Cosmetology class. Lanier offers pet vaccinations for all pets for $20.
Community grants targeted two tutors. A goal of 90% attendance was targeted for 2010. Current average runs at 90.71%.
The Lanier band and football has been larger than it has ever been. The Lanier girls golf team has won district four of the last five years. Lanier still has one of the largest Agriculture farms in Austin ISD.
On Nov 12, 2011, Lanier will celebrate it’s 50 year anniversary. Contact Nancy Lehmann Carrsow if you are interested in providing volunteer help. They are trying to replace the statue of Sidney Lanier in the courtyard.
Lanier received a grant to make compost from the cafeteria, paper and animal waste. The mobility rate currently is over 30%. Speaker: Mirasol Long, Victory Program Specialist, Little Walnut Creek Library
Victory is a tutoring program for grades 1-12 and must attend Austin ISD schools with a C average or lower. Elementary grades 1 to 5 are in the greatest need of tutoring for reading. They are working with Lanier High School. One on one tutoring is available. Tutors volunteer one to 15 hours a week. They always work with the same student on any subject matter. They are currently serving 70 kids. Tutoring hours are Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 8:00pm.
If you are interested in tutoring, you do not need any previous experience. Contact Mirasol (Soly) Long at 974-9857 or at [email protected]
The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 pm. The January meeting will be with City of Austin Councilwoman Sherril Cole and Alan Graham with Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

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