We are now in Region II, and the contacts for our Commanders are:
[email protected]
[email protected]
I have confirmed Commander Baker will be a speaker at our next NACN meeting – I had to move the meeting to January 29th to accommodate his schedule. Crochet has been our commander before – he took over for a few months after Commander Ells left, and supposedly Commander Baker has also worked in our sector.
Meeting info is here
I got a room at St. Johns at Parkfield because that is so central for most of us .I am suggesting that we all try to turn out as many people as we can – we need Commander Baker to see a strong and involved community.
Also I am running another Watch 101 training at the beginning of the meeting – that way people can pick and choose what they want to come to.  I am still trying to line up a second guest speaker to follow Commander Baker – but haven’t been able to confirm.
-Mary R.
GWNA Coach

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