Dear NACA Neighbors:
While substituting at Lanier HS on February 10, I had a brief conversation with Stella Farris, Lanier’s librarian. She lives in our neighborhood. She asked that I contact NACA members about sending a letter to Texas senators and representatives asking that they not cut funding to public education, especially as it affects librarians.
I have attached a sample letter with instructions about how to locate your legislators and find their addresses. In the letter I also mention how the cuts would affect counselors and fine arts teachers. If you don’t want to include those groups in your advocacy and just want to focus on librarians, you can edit the letter as you wish.
I have also included the names of senators and representatives who currently sit on some important committees. If you have the time, send the letter to the chair of each or to all of the members.
You can send the letter either via regular post or through e-mail. Regular post letters make more of an impression, fyi.
It is important that legislators hear from voters.
If you have questions, please contact me at [email protected]
Ann Teich
Letter re education funding cuts 2011 Tx Legislature

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