March 2011 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday March 17, 2011

Little Walnut Creek Library


Ann Teich called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.



The November 2010, January and February 2011 meeting minutes were distributed and approved.

NACA has $14,298.29 in funds designated for beautification and

$1,582.30 in general operating funds. $5,000.00 of the beautification funds is earmarked for matching funds for the Quail Creek Park Trail renovation. NACA has received the $5000.00 donated by the YMCA for the Quail Creek renovation.


Community center update: Susan Benz working with YMCA and City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

The design has been approved and the project is remaining on budget. The construction is scheduled to start this September with a target completion of December 2012.

The design team wanted to create a connection between Little Walnut Creek Library, the community center and Quail Creek Park. The design of the building allows for two entrances. The first floor plan includes an aquatic facility, hot tub and spa. The community space includes lounge, computer lab, a teen room, two divided meeting rooms, a catering kitchen and a half court basketball court.

The second floor plan includes: cardio equipment, yoga and aerobics room.

There are not plans for a racquetball court due its limited use of square footage.

A resident expressed interest in getting more feedback on the community garden.


Speaker: Randi Shade, City of Austin Council member Randi Shade

Randi has lived in Austin for 20 years and has a strong background in business operations.

Her vision for Austin is to ensure that Austin is a great and affordable place to live.

She is interested in parks and making the tax dollar go farther. She has worked on expanding little league youth sports with public private partnerships.  She is in favor of performance based economic incentives for companies. She is a proponent of clean and green energy but with an affordability metric so rate increases are more predictable. She likes to balance community and business values.

She mentioned some 2011 City Budget issues involving Austin Independent School District concerns and reducing reliance on local sales tax incentives. She wants to ensure that Austin children attend public Austin ISD schools.

She suggested frequently emailing or phoning council members to get requests acted upon.

A recommendation will be made this summer on registration of rental properties for owners. She supports having one civil court to address code compliance cases.

She discussed voting on a website for the comprehensive city neighborhood plan which has not been updated since 1979. The trend has been more towards neighborhoods drafting their individual plan. A concern was addressed towards drafting a transportation plan separate from the city neighborhood plan.

Randi favors a hybrid system for single City Council member voting districts. She opposes Senator Wentworth’s bill. A concern was that the current six council members do not represent this area because they are not threatened due to lower voter turnout. If there was a single member district, there might be a better chance that our problems and issues will be addressed. Randi is in favor of moving the voting for council members to November instead of May to help increase voter turnout.


Speaker: Christine McDonald Pressley Ridge Treatment Center

Pressley Ridge is a non profit agency which was Founded in Pitt PA as an orphanage. Christine is a Recruiting Specialist.

Pressley Ridge provides services to troubled children in community and in homes including day care, foster care, care for autistic children, case management. The goal is to keep children in homes and communities. They focus on strengths of child in the home and community and to emphasize that each child is competent at something. They work with older adolescents and teenagers who have previously been to many treatment facilities. This can trend eventuate in negative behavior patterns. Most kids come through child protective services but they do take referrals. They accept children from newborn to age 21.

They have a small office at 290 at Cameron Road; three staff members, two treatment coordinators; program director located in Grand Prairie.

Being a small agency allows them to give individual treatment. Children’s goal are measured to determine increase or decrease in social skills.

Becoming a foster parent is an opportunity. Fund drives can be organized to provide clothing and other items for children. Luggage is a popular item needed. Monetary donations are also accepted.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.



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