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IMPD 2011

It’s My Park Day on March 5th was a great success. The event was originally planned to be from 9a-11a but the day started off cool and rainy so we got a late start.  By the time we wrapped up festivities at 2pm, 21 people volunteered around 54 total hours.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  Volunteers painted over the graffitti, replaced a redbud tree, pulled a bunch of weeds, spread 8 yards of mulch, and planted wildflower seeds.  Thank so much to everyone who volunteered!  

Here the 2011 IMPD photos:[email protected]/sets/72157626179400597/

And 2010 IMPD photos:[email protected]/sets/72157626304313904/


After the event we found several large fallen branches around the old mesquite tree.  The PARD Urban Forester came by to check and found two trees with severe damage from decay.  The Arizona Ash (near the trashcans) has to be completely removed and part of the mesquite tree will be removed as well.  The arborists will also do some pruning in the existing trees around the park starting after 3/21.  PARD Urban Forestry cares for over 300,000 trees in Austin parks.  

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