June 2011 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday June 17, 2011

Little Walnut Creek Library




Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.




The May meeting minutes were distributed and approved with some corrections.


NACA currently has $247.30 in general operating funds; there is $13,845.49 in Allied Waste Beautification Funds. This includes a $5,000 donation from the YMCA which will go to the Austin Parks Foundation.


Eleanor stated that graffiti is now on the retaining walls at Quail Creek Park. Austin PARD states it’s a timely process in getting approval for murals painted on the retaining walls.


Code Enforcement Update: Manny Villegas and Anthony McBride with COA Code Enforcement.


There is a great difference between code compliance in other cities and Austin. The Austin Police Department does more code compliance work than in other cities. In Austin, code compliance is 99% complaint driven instead of proactive investigation of the areas. Manny discussed changes in Code Enforcement. Training is being expanded.


311 is the best number to call for complaints. Manny said response time is running four to six days. He stated there are currently have 42 officers. They currently do not work on weekends. They will do a sweep of a given area with many officers. Hiring a significant amount of code officers would help. Manny’s email is  [email protected]


International Property Maintenance Code is managed by the City of Austin.


North Austin Recreation Center Update:

Representatives with the Benz Resource Group spoke. Susan Benz, the Project Manager, spoke. Construction for the center will start in September. They are currently half way through the construction document phase. The design has been refined. The project is still under budget.


The center will incorporate Green building LEED aspects to achieve Silver Certification. These include the following: using low flow shower heads; hiring a specialist will audit the facility after completion to ensure all systems are working efficiently; 75% of the construction materials will be diverted from the landfill; adding windows to the gym; putting up green educational signage.


Robert Burns, Design Manager, said a roof top terrace on the second floor in the budget.


HEB Renovation

Marty Garcia, Store Director, spoke about the upcoming renovations at HEB on Rundberg and North Lamar. There is a six to eight month timeframe for renovation. Improvements will include; it will cater to the fresh side (4K extra dedicated to making fresh food; deli will now have five foot grill; a carneceria meat market; high quality marinated meats made with a juice and powder); the  seafood section will be expanded; business center will be moved. 4400 square feet will be added. The scheduled completion us Dec 1st. No parking will be added.


Speaker: Keith O’Herrin, Urban Forestry Unit of Austin Parks and Recreation Dept; Urban Forestry


Consists of 15 technicians, 2 interns, 6 professionals and two drivers who water the newly planted trees.


First responsibility is to investigate complaints and concerns of citizens. Urban Forestry is also responsible for 125,000 street trees in the right of way, in between curb and sidewalk; 175,000 park trees in developed areas that are mowed. There are an additional 15,000 acres of natural areas with trees they are responsible for.


The main program includes the following; manage the urban forest (planting and removing trees); administer the plan; supervise and coordinate with city departments; grant or deny removal of a public tree; supervise and inspect work; remove or plant a tree in violation of the ordinance.


They are responsible for maintaining minimum of 14 feet of clearance of Right of Way trees over the street. They are also in charge of emergency response when storms knock down trees.


Halloween until March 1st is the time to plant trees. Their dept goal is to plant 2,000 trees per year. They have exceeded this goal with the help of Tree Folks.


Call Austin Energy at 4949400 to report trees in power lines or around street lights. Call 311 to report: trees downs; trees in the right of way, over the sidewalk, causing a blind corner, over stop or street signs and traffic signals; trees in alleys; trees in creeks or streambeds extending from bank to bank.


Any species over 19 inches in diameter or larger is protected even if it’s on private property. You still need a permit to take down a dead or dying tree on your private property.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.. The next meeting will occur in August. 



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