Forwarded message about crime in Gracywoods.  If you have information about similar events in NACA please send to [email protected] so it can be posted on our website.  Thank you. Eleanor Langsdorf, President, NACA
Gracywoods Neighborhood Association
Important Information
Please read and share with neighbors
Crime Watch Alert
There has been another burglary in our area this week, and several suspicious activities.
10/21/11 08:19 AM    15XX JERSEY DR
10/19/11 02:40 PM 18XX HEATHERGLEN LN
10/18/11 06:54 PM 120XX SNOW GOOSE RD
10/18/11 11:59 AM 16XX CHAROLAIS DR
10/10/11      142XX GORHAM ST
10/16/11      114xx RUFFED GROUSE DR
Please be on alert for any suspicious activity.
Here is a flyer you can download and pass out to your neighbors.
Also, here is a flyer on holiday safety tips.
Here are some other suspicious activities that have been reported this week to our Neighborhood Crime Watch Block Captains.
1.) Gas was syphoned out of my car located at XXXX (withheld for privacy) Prairie Hen Lane, last night, Oct. 20, 2011.  The car was still locked this morning  and the alarm on.  The gas door had a lock but was opened w a screw driver.
2.) My wife, Kathy, and I started to turn into our driveway at XXXX (withheld for privacy) Parkfield about 9:00 PM on thatFriday night, when we spotted a ‘older’ white car (probably a 4-door sedan, maybe 18-20 years old) parked where we usually part the car we were driving at the time, way up in our driveway itself.  Before I could get out of our car to see if anyone was at the front door of our house, a taller-skinny black person walked from the front door (I think, our house was dark at the time) to the driver’s side of the white car.  My wife rolled down the passenger side window of our car and yelled: ‘Can I help your?’.  The person replied that he was looking for ‘David and X…’, not us.  He drove away and later we saw him at the neighbor’s house and doing the same thing inquiring about “David”.  All he had was a piece of paper, he was not delivering anything.  He did not have a phone number to the person he was looking for.  Both homes approached were dark at the time. Very odd.
3.) On Tuesday, a young hispanic woman, probably in her early 20’s came to my door. Over the barking of my dogs, I gather she came under the guise of trying to sell me some cleaning product. I COULD NOT GET RID OF HER. I think she wanted to come in and demonstrate the product; I told her 3-4 times I was not interested, she would not leave, and finally I just had to walk away. I noticed as I walked to the door, she was looking intently at the ADT sticker on my door. I’m so grateful that my dogs were putting up what seemed to be a ferocious fuss at the door. A few minutes later, my neighbor came over to bring me something and she was still standing on my driveway. My neighbor proceeded to tell her to “go away” ; we were not interested in anything she was selling. I told my neighbor that I thought this girl was acting very suspiciously. Now, I wonder if she was not connected to these burglaries as they happened about the same time.

If you are approached and are uncomfortable,
please call 911. 
Report all suspicious activities to your block captain,[email protected] and/or the police.


Gracy Woods Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale Saturday, October 29th
If you like garage sales, head over to Gracy Woods on 10-29 and look for signs directing you to garage sales throughout Gracy Woods. 

Tips on how to have a Happy Halloween!
Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids, and to help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
(Click on link)
Also . . .
Turn on porch lights if you planning to hand out treats.
Turn them off when the treats are gone – and remember to turn them back on at about 10 p.m. when the fun is done.
Next NACA meeting – November 17, 7 p.m. at Little Walnut Creek Library – members of the APD detectives division will be speakingl   Join us and bring your questions and concerns.
Community News & Dates
Holiday Craft Fair – Saturday, Nov. 12th
at St. Albert the Great  (corner Metric & Bittern Hollow)
Free admission – Great shopping – Silent Auction
Holiday Bazaar – Saturday, Nov. 12th
at Connally High School (13212 No. Lamar behind Lowe’s)
Free admission – 35 vendors – food court – live entertainment
VET CLINIC at Connally High School
Monday, Oct. 24th from 5-7 pm,
Connally High School will be hosting a Vet Clinic outside
of the main entrance. Dr. Tarleton will be administering discounted vaccinations for your pets. A full series of shots is $20.00.
For dogs, he will offer Rabies shots for $5.00 and the DHLP/PC for $15.00.
For cats, the Rabies shot is $5.00 and the PRCC/FeLuk is $15.00.
De-worming is also available for $5.00. Heartguard heartworm preventative and Frontline flea preventative will also be available.
Please bring your buddy on a leash.
Proceeds will go to the Class of 2012.
For information, please call Keely Drummond 594-0800.
Some material came from Gracywoods Neighborhood Association

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